Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Forex Affiliate Marketing

How To Avoid Spam Emails From Forex Brokers

It is common knowledge that brokers (both binary options and forex) tend to spam webmasters. This can pose a big problem as affiliate’s inboxes gets flooded with unwanted emails. The most common reason behind getting unsolicited spam includes the following: Whois data scrapers – Yes, brokers do this to try and find new affiliates!  There are many tools that can automatically scrape ... Read More »

Affiliate Commissions In The Forex Niche – Here’s the Math!

For most affiliates, negotiations with a broker usually focus around the commission structure. First off, if you’re even considering a revenue share deal then it’s in your best interest to understand how commissions are calculated in forex. If you are unsure, read our article on how affiliate commissions in forex are calculated. Ok, I Got It… What Next? Now that you know ... Read More »

How to Select a Forex Broker To Promote

If high CPA or Revenue share is what attracts you to promote a forex broker, then chances are that you are most likely to waste your time for nothing. In this article, we focus on some important points to bear in mind while choosing a forex broker to promote. Read More »

Forex IB Set Up – Company or Individual Business

Starting off as a Forex Introducing Broker can evoke mixed feelings. One that is both exciting and intimidating at the same time. In the forex sector, graduating as a Forex IB could perhaps be considered as an achievement in itself. You are no longer playing with the small fish but instead moved on to a different playing field. Forex introducing ... Read More »

Forex Affiliate Terms & Conditions – 5 Tips to remember

The terms and conditions are perhaps one of the most boring and lengthy of documents ever created. In most cases, irrespective of the context, people usually tend to skip or in some cases skim through the T&C’s. If you happen to be someone who actually takes the time to read through every dotted i and crossed t, well kudos to ... Read More »