Sunday, January 26, 2020

10 ways to get more from your email marketing campaigns

email_marketingAs affiliate marketers, email marketing is one of the critical elements most affiliates often resort to. Forex affiliate marketing is no different as we see more and more forex affiliate websites that offer something to their website visitors, there by building up their own subscriber list.

Email marketing in forex affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the best ways to help in conversions as you can send a special offer based on your list’s preferences and drill down the data to meet the needs of the criteria you choose. Despite having a good number of subscribers, most forex affiliates fall into the trap of not paying much attention to the smaller details that definitely impact the outcome of such email campaigns.

Agreed, that you have a very good offer to send out from a highly respected forex broker, but don’t just rely on that. We list out 10 tips to bear in mind, the next time you send out an email blast.

Email on weekends: Mailchimps’ recent survey based on data of over 9 billion emails states that emails sent on weekends have a higher click-through-rate than compared to sending email on weekdays.

Now you might be wondering how to accommodate this if for example the forex broker on whose behalf you are sending the promotion works only on weekdays? Simple. Schedule your emails to be delivered over the weekend and clearly mention the promotion start date (which could be the coming Monday)

You can also follow this up by sending a brief reminder on the day the promotion starts.

Schedule emails in the mornings: Data from Hubspot survey’s results reveals that the click-through-rates increase between 6 and 7AM in the mornings. However bear in mind that while CTR’s increase for emails sent in the morning, unsubscribes peak towards the evening.

Email for mobile: Who doesn’t have a smart phone now a days. Ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile/smart phone screens.

Make your emails searchable: There are times when you need to send out a special offer or some important news. Chances are that a few percentage of your subscribers would not be reading them and your email would be lost over-time. Statistics reveal that by adding reference data such as the name of the promotion or highlighting a few important words from your email will ensure that your email is just a search away.

Use lots of links: While you are in your right to disagree, Hubspot says there is strong correlation between a greater number of links and higher CTRs. Data shows that the unsubscribes are lower when the number of links included are higher. Perhaps the logic is that, the more links in your email, the harder it is to find the unsubscribe link (and who says you have to only put the unsub link in the footer of your email)

Spam check: One of the best ways to avoid using spam words is to check your inbox first. Go to the junk folder and see if you can find a relation between the commonly occurring spam words within the emails in your junk folder. Avoid using such terms or if you have to, keep them to a minimum.

Focus on your newest subscribers: Strike it when it’s hot, as the saying goes. While most subscribers opt out shortly after first subscribing to an email, CTRs early on are also at a high – proving the adage “get ‘em while they’re hot.”

Use social media: Got twitter and a facebook page? (If you haven’t stop reading this and make one up first). Gone are the days of ‘Forward to a friend’ Have people follow you on twitter on facebook. Survey data showed about 80% people either never or rarely forward or Tweet commercial email, even with the advent of ‘share’ and ‘tweet’ buttons. Instead, get people to follow you through Facebook, Twitter, etc. driving prospects to subscribe to your email.

Frequency of emails: It can be safely noted that emails with a frequency of up to 8 per month are safe. However, you do not need to that extreme. If you can keep your email frequency to that of  a month (amounting to one per week) you can build up a loyal subscriber base.

The takeaway: Always test your subscriber list by drilling down on the data. In summary: think through these tips and use them to test timing, subject lines, frequency, to maximize the value of your email strategy and initiatives.

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