Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Affiliate managers maketh the program

An affiliate manager is one of the key criteria that builds up to the success of the affiliate program. Even more so in a forex industry. If you have been promoting forex affiliate programs at some point in time you would have had some interactions with the respective affiliate managers of the forex affiliate programs that you promote.

Quite often, it is the reaction/response of the forex affiliate managers that influences forex affiliates on how strongly they wish to promote that forex affiliate program or not.

Here is one such example of HY Affiliates, which shows how juvenile the affiliate manager is:

The context:

The affiliate wanted to change their login and email address due to an expiring domain. The HY Affiliate Interface had a banner stating ‘Contact Live Support’

Upon clicking the banner, the affiliate was directed to a form. Not a good practice so to speak. So the affiliate proceeded to leave their comments, which was:

Need to change my email and login

The response from the HY Affiliates, affiliate manager was:

Log in and go to edit accounts

Again, quite an irresponsible response considering that the login and email fields were uneditable. Perhaps Noreen Muyco, the affiliate manager for HY Affiliates isn’t much updated with the affiliate program and the interface she manages.

Going back to the conversation:

The affiliate replied:

If that worked why would I contact you? Some fields are uneditable.
Login/New email address:
Can you change it?

The response from Noreen Muyco was quite surprising when she wrote back:

Ok. Tell me what to change.

I rest my case now!!

It is anyone’s guess that by the end of this conversation the affiliate won’t be promoting HY Affiliates at all.

A word of advice to forex affiliate managers:

  • Learn about the system details for the forex affiliate program you manage.
  • Every email from your affiliate is a chance for you to build a strong relationship, don’t behave as if you are doing the forex affiliate a favor.
  • Courtesy, doesn’t harm anyone, so use it for god sakes
  • Last but not the least, understand that you are the face/person for the forex affiliate program, behave professionally.

What are your experiences dealing with forex affiliate managers? Got anything interesting to share? Let us know.


  1. Hi, i just saw your post while browsing google. i am also working as affiliate in HY Markets. The reason that some of the fields were uneditable is that HY Affiliates program is helping their affiliate to have safe process of editing the fields. That before you change something you need to confirm it with the manager because anyone can use or can go live chat and request this blah blah blah to change. It’s a good thing that before you change anything there is a confirmation from the manager that you as the owner of that account. These days there are a lot of people who are claiming to be someone / somebody who’s not. Even though it’s a long way process but you can sleep well that your account is secured and that no one can just steal your account. It’s just my opinion. Have a nice day!

  2. Big scam. The affiliate manager Noreen is very unprofessional. Worked for one month, at the end of the month was informed that she would send over $4000+ worth of commissions. Then 1 hour later said that sorry a report just came in and my clients were only worth $1000, big scam.

    She is known to use psuedo-names to comment on review sites to reflect positively on hy affilaites, like the commend before mine, which i daresay is very similar to Noreen’s english.

    Source : Experience as a HY Affiliate and collected more than $200,000 worth of commissions from them.

  3. Meowis: you’re giving negative comments but you’re saying you earned $200,000 in HY.hahaha that’s funny then you will say they are scammer. Think about that. LOL

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