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Affiliate marketing best practices – Sub id tracking

sub-id-tracking-affiliate-marketingAs an affiliate, be it forex or binary options or any other niche, at some point you might have come across a feature known as sub id tracking or most commonly known as referrer id. Well, it goes by many other names such as tracking id or serial id. Whatever the terminology, the functionality is the same.

Affiliates, by default must make use of referral or sub id tracking as it gives the chance for the affiliate to see their reports in greater detail. In fact sub id tracking or referral tracking is quite commonly used across the Internet. Take for example Google’s URL builder tool. Any website that uses Google’s Analytics, can easily make use of this free tool and build their url. Making use of the referral tracking helps affiliates and business owners to identify where their traffic is coming from.

Affiliate sub id tracking works on the same basic principles and is used to serve the same purpose that baffles most online marketers and affiliates. Where did this traffic come from

What is sub id tracking

Simply put, sub id or serial tracking is a feature offered by most affiliate programs that allows affiliates to tag their tracking urls in order to monitor which of their campaigns are best performing. Let’s take an example in order to explain this further.

Let’s assume that John Doe is an affiliate and is primarily promoting the merchant through his website. John Doe also makes use of article marketing and twitter in order to expand his reach and to publicize his affiliate offer. John Doe spends about 75% of his time on developing his website, 10% of this time on twitter and 15% of his time submitting articles to various directories. Now John Doe would like to measure the performance of each of these channels in order to focus or improve the efficiency. John also wants to make sure his efforts aren’t going to waste.

So how does John Doe measure the performance of each of the three channels he uses to spread out his affiliate offers?

This is where sub id tracking comes into play. By making use of the sub id tracking or serial tracking, John Doe simply has to put in an identifier in order to measure the performance of the three different channels.

So if John Doe’s tracking url was

Then by making use of sub id tracking John Doe would create three sub id’s namely, website, twitter, articlemkt.

By making use of the sub id tracking John Doe’s affiliate urls now look like this:


*Note that the above is just an example and not to be used literally.

Now when John Doe posts to twitter or submits an article, the respective tracking url will be posted to the links as well. This way any referral signed up either through twitter or via article submission, John Doe can check on his affiliate reports and see what worked for him.

Different forex and binary options affiliate programs make use of the referral functionality in different ways. Let’s take a look at the affiliate programs that we recommend.

Sub id tracking with Netrefer affiliate system

anyOption partners and 4XP Partners are two forex and binary options affiliate programs make use of the same affiliate system called Netrefer. In order to make use of the tracking feature for the above two affiliate programs, log in to your affiliate account. Firstly, click on ‘Marketing Source Group’ under the ‘My Account’ section and enter your default domain name. You can also add other generic domains such as or in order to represent adwords and/or twitter feeds indirectly.

While Netrefer offers sufficient tools to track various campaigns an affiliate might engage in, the Netrefer affiliate system definitely needs improvement in terms of adding more functionality, especially for the sub id tracking system.

Go to ‘My Account’>’Marketing Sources/Websites and enter your urls there.

Click on ‘Add’ and enter the name of source. The URL (you can make this a generic url as it doesn’t need to be exact. So if you are using twitter, simply put in as the url name) Choose the type of source from the preselected criteria.

Once you do the above, go back to your banner farm and select your banner or text link. When you click on ‘Get code’ make use of the drop down and select the appropriate source where you intend to promote this particular tracker.

In terms of reporting, simply go to ‘Reports’>’Marketing Source Reports’>’Marketing Source Stats’ and you will be able to see your various sources of traffic.

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Sub id tracking with DirectTrack affiliate system

FxCash, OptionTide make use of the DirectTrack affiliate system. The DirectTrack affiliate system offers an easy ‘on-the-go’ type of sub id tracking. Meaning that affiliates can create sub id’s as and when they want to put up new banners or text links. DirectTrack’s sub id tracking feature makes it very easy to use for any affiliate, beginner or advanced.

Click on Campaigns/Links or Our Brands/Campaigns to see a list of offers available. Once you select the campaign you will be taken to the campaign creatives which is a list of banners/text links mailers and so on.

FxCash system is a bit different as it operates a forex affiliate network. This means that you need to ‘Apply’ for a campaign which is manually approved before you can start promoting the campaign or the brand

Once you select your creative click on the link found next to the creative called ‘Sub ID’ this will pop up a window prompting you to enter the number of Sub ID’s. Now unless you plan to promote the same banner in 5 different places and wish to track them, simply choose 1 and click [Add]

This will prompt you to enter the name of your Sub ID. Your tracking URL is now ready with your sub id tracking.

To view the sub id reports, go to ‘Statistics’ or ‘Reporting’ and click on ‘Get SubID Stats’ select the time period and leave the Sub ID section blank in order to see all the sub id tracking that you have created.

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Sub id tracking for 500Affiliates

500Affiliates makes use of a custom built affiliate system. In order to create sub id tracking when promoting their program, click on ‘Marketing Tools’> Select the language and the landing page. In the “Tags” section enter the sub id tracking you want to use and click ‘Insert’ Upcon clicking the ‘Update’ button, your 500Affiliates tracking URL is now sub id ready.

To check on the stats, go to ‘Reports’ and click on ‘Tracking Reports’ Leave the ‘Tags’ section empty so the report lists all the tags that have had any activity.

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Sub id tracking for AvaPartner

AvaPartner, the forex affiliate program for AvaFx, again makes use of a custom in house affiliate system, hence it would be quite different than any of the above methods mentioned. In order to effectively make use of the AvaPartner sub id tracking, you need to understand the difference between groups and profile.

A profile is a subset of a group. Meaning that you can create a group called ‘Website’ and you can create/assign profiles to the group such as ‘120x600banner’ or ‘textlink’ This feature makes sub id tracking very powerful as it allows affiliates to really drill deep into the data.

Avapartner offers the most advanced yet simple to implement sub id tracking system. By offering two levels of tracking, forex affiliates can categorize the various profiles they create into groups in order to get a high level overview of the tracking and can drill down into the data for more details

To make use of sub id tracking, login to the AvaPartner account and click on ‘Profile Management’>’New Group’

Enter the group name and a brief description. Now go to ‘New Profile’ and give a profile name, brief description and assign which group the newly created profile belongs to. Once the above is done, you are now ready to make use of your tracking URLs with sub id tracking.

Click on ‘Marketing Tools’ and select the banner of your choice. Click on the ‘Get HTML’ option and you notice various criteria available to you. Besides selecting a landing page for the banner, you can now select your profile. Remember that the AvaPartner affiliate system only displays profiles. The groups which you created earlier are for your internal reference.

To check on the reports, click on ‘Activity Report’ or any other report you wish to use. Select your time period for the reports and choose between the various profiles you create or just select all profiles.

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Sub id tracking for 24Option

The 24Option affiliate program makes use of the ‘Hasoffers’ affiliate system. Read our 24Option affiliate program review where we mention that it takes a bit of a learning curve before you get comfortable using sub id tracking with 24Option.

24Option affiliate program makes use of creating sub id tracking ‘on the go’ which is a bit of convenient. In order to use the sub id tracking for 24Option, click on offers and select your criteria.

Check the box next to ‘Add Sub id’ You can also add further data such as the website where you are promoting the affiliate offer and the source of traffic (paid/organic/etc)

The only downside to sub id tracking with 24Option being that while the URL updates, you will only get to see the tracking URL and no sub id tracking information what so ever.

In order to check for reporting click on ‘Reports’ and select Source Report that will give a detail of your traffic based on the source defined while building your affiliate tracking URL.

While the 24Option sub id tracking feature is fairly easy, Hasoffers, the affiliate system definitely needs to improve its features in order to make the entire experience a bit more user friendly.

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Sub id tracking with Income Access affiliate system

UFX Partners, is the forex affiliate program for UFX bank and makes use of the Income Access affiliate system. This is yet again one of those affiliate system built to meet the demands of the gambling industry. UFX Partners makes use of the Income Access affiliate system, which was ‘apparently’ voted the best affiliate system within the gambling industry. However its quite surprising how it was voted the best. Read below and you will no why.

To put it in a nutshell. Income Access’ affiliate system is not quite user friendly when it comes to implementing sub id tracking.

The closest one can get to creating sub id tracking is by clicking on ‘My Account’>’Affiliate Tracking profiles’ and entering the description such as the Site name, details, type (URL/PPC/Search Engine/ and so on) and the category.

Once the above is created, you can then select your creatives and choose the profile you want to track the creative to.

In terms of reporting, selecting your profile will display the results appropriately.

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Sub id tracking with eToro Partners

eToro partners has developed a simple yet efficient affiliate system with the functionality to include sub id tracking. In eToro Partners system the sub id is referred to as ‘Serial ID’ and this is as simple as selecting the marketing tools and entering the sub id tracking you want to track and updating the code.

The reporting structure is quite straight forward as well since it includes only checking the box next to ‘Serial ID’ and you get to see the data.

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Sub id tracking with Tradesmarter affiliates

Tradesmarter affiliates is the newest kid on the block, figuratively speaking, but has incorporated some of the best practices in affiliate marketing. The Tradesmarter affiliate system is so easy to use that binary options affiliates can simply select the creatives or just text links, add the sub id tracking and you’re done!

To create your sub id tracking with Tradesmarter, login to your affiliate account and click on ‘Marketing Tools’ enter your tracking identifier into the ‘Serial’ text box and click ‘Add’ Tradesmarter also offers sub id tracking for referring other affiliates as well, which is very convenient. Once you update your tracking link, you can either copy/paste the link to be used or proceed to select the banners of your choice. In terms of reporting, click on ‘My Dashboard’ and the drop down section under ‘Serial’ is populated with the sub id tracking you created. Reports can be sorted based on the sub id tracking.

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In conclusion, sub id tracking is a must have for affiliates who at some point will start distributing their affiliate links through various channels. While implementing sub id tracking might seem a bit of a pain, it is well worth the efforts as the sub id tracking reporting will be able to give you the perfect picture on whether or not your efforts are successful.

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