Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Affiliate Platforms

Advantages of Cloud Hosting with Affiliate Systems

We think it would be appropriate to mention HasOffers to address the issue in regards to the recent Digital River catastrophy, more specifically how it relates to DirectTrack. Most of the world already seems pretty confused about the extremely low level of redundancy described in their statement on, or if in fact the situation was caused by other factors. ... Read More »

HasOffers – Affiliate marketing platform

HasOffers was launched in 2009 by twins Lucas and Lee Brown who realized that there was a huge need in the online advertising world when it came to affordable affiliate marketing solutions. As performance marketing started gaining recognition, there was no clear solution for tracking and managing affiliate programs. Read More »

DirectTrack – Affiliate Marketing Platform

Regardless of the size of your company or the amount of activity flowing through your affiliate marketing system, DirectTrack offers the scalability, infrastructure, and reliability you need to grow your business. Designed for companies of all sizes, DirectTrack accurately traces billions of impressions per year. Read More »