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Binary options affiliate marketing for beginners

optionsBinary options affiliate marketing can be a bit intimidating especially for affiliates who have had no prior experience in the online financial trading niche. We have put together a brief interview with Jason, the Chief Trader at to help binary options affiliates get a better understanding of the binary options affiliate marketing niche.

Hello Jason, thanks for taking the time out to speaking with us. Can we start off this interview with a brief bio about yourself

Thank you for offering me this opportunity. I came to with over 10 years of experience in Forex and Commodities. I also have a mixed background in tehcnical and macro financial analysis. Currently, I am the Chief Trader and Senior Account Manager at Tradesmarter. My experience in this industry and as a part of this team has really proven to show Binary Options as the new way to profit in volatile markets.

Binary options is one of the hotly debated topics and often people draw reference to the similarities with the gambling, more specifically the online casino industry. As an analyst and coming from a purely financial aspect what is your opinion on this

In regards to trading versus gambling, trading binaries does involve a speculative decision on whether an asset will rise or fall, but it is distinctly different from gambling in a few important respects. Trading binaries involves developing at least basic financial skills and an understanding of the markets to gain an edge. As traders develop skills even further, their ability to understand more technical aspects of analysis will help them gain an even further advantage.

Affiliates often keep their eyes and ears open to new lucrative niches and binary options affiliate marketing is one of them. For someone with absolutely no clue about binary options, can you explain it to them in a few sentences.

Binary options affiliate marketingThere are a few important things to note when explaining Binary Options. Firstly and most importantly, Binary Options is the most simplified way of trading and requires no previous experience. This form of trading is the easiest way to start trading in the financial markets.

Binary Options have short-term expiration, which provides clients with the opportunity to make up to 85% profit every hour. One of the great aspects of Tradesmarter is that we focus on providing new clients with full education and step by step care.

At the risk of generalizing, can you give brief pointers on the defining characteristics of a binary options trader and how different or similar are they in comparison to a forex trader.

Binary options trader vary from the complete beginner to the forex trader who is looking for new instruments and new structures to enhance strategies. There are many reasons why Binary Options is an attractive option to Forex traders.

Our clients claim that they have higher success rates with Binary Options rather than tradional Forex-As their technical analysis skills are much more useful with Binary Options.

Simplicity: Binary Options are the simplest way for experienced traders to profit from the financial markets, the trader just speculates ‘Above’ or ‘Below’.
Directional Trading: Forex traders can utlize their existing trading skills, as binaries are ideal for breakouts and reversal patterns-one pip in right direction is all what you need to make up to 85% in one hour.
Trading Psychology/Money Management: Trading Binary Options removes the negative psychological factors while trading because there is limited risk, with no leverage or spreads.

If you could step out of your shoes as an analyst with Tradesmarter and pretend that you are shopping to find a good binary options trading platform what factors would help you to choose to signing up with a binary options trading platform

As a financial analyst with more than 10 years of experience, I would be most interested in making an investment with a licensed and regulated platform. A fully regulated binary options trading platform can ensure clients that funds are in a trusted and transparent environment.

Would you agree or disagree that there is a certain learning curve for webmasters and affiliates to be successful in the binary options affiliate marketing? Please justify.

I would agree that there is a certain learning curve for binary options affiliates to see success. One should understand the logistics behind Binary Options in order to successfully promote this form of trading.

This being said, the Binary Options industry has been an evolution in financial trading and has become one of the fastest growing niches in online trading. Although it may take time and effort to have a certain level of understanding when it comes to the financial markets, the simplicity of the product is attracting large audiences and as a Binary Options affiliate you can earn high profits. Affiliate Program Review | Affiliate Manager Interview | Promote

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