Monday, February 17, 2020

Binary options affiliate programs – What you should know

binary-options-affiliate-programsWhile there are many successful niches in affiliate marketing, binary options affiliate programs are the latest craze. Given the fact that binary options affiliate programs pay around $200 on average for a qualified depositing customer, this niche in affiliate marketing is proving to be fast gaining popularity amongst affiliate marketers. So how can affiliates take advantage of this niche?

For those who aren’t yet promoting binary options affiliate programs, now is a good time to get their feet wet in this high paying affiliate marketing niche. While the rewards are high, however, not everything is nice and rosy as it seems to be.

While the CPA or even revenue share offered by binary options affiliate programs are relatively higher to regular mainstream affiliate programs, there are some factors that potential affiliates need to consider in order to be successful in promoting binary options affiliate programs.

Competition in binary options affiliate programs

Binary options have been around for a while but the online binary options trading has caught the eye of the mainstream affiliates only recently. The fact that binary options is becoming a highly lucrative niche can be seen by the growth of the various binary options trading platforms recently.

While affiliates can earn huge money by promoting binary options affiliate programs, the fact that they need to compete with an already existing binary options websites cannot be ignored. A quick search in Google for “binary options” yields over 4,450,000 results. Also, what further fuels the argument is that binary options being a highly competitive niche can be seen by the cost per click for the keywords. According to Google, binary options related keywords range anywhere between $8 – $15 per click. Do you see a potential in terms of earning revenue from Adsense in the binary options affiliate programs niche? Click here to read about how you can monetize your website with Google’s Adsense.

Given the above facts, how can new affiliates who want to get into the binary options affiliate programs niche gain a visible position in the search engine rankings? We mention a few tips on how affiliates and webmasters can promote their websites in the binary options niche.

Don’t run after the volumes

Sure, keywords such as “binary options” does attract a good search volume, but thinking from a potential investor/trader’s perspective it could mean a lot of things. For one, anyone could search for “binary options” because they are curious to know or are researching on something. Heck, it could even be a binary options trading platform that is looking for potential affiliate partners.

In order to target the right keywords, binary options affiliates need to go into a bit more depth. Keyword phrases that include the binary options merchant’s name can help to narrow down your traffic where the potential to convert a click to a sale is much higher. Likewise, relative keyword phrases that have low search volumes yet highly relevant can prove to be a good keyword strategy.

Target your markets

We recently broke the news about anyOption not allowing US based traders on their binary options trading platforms. More and more binary options trading platforms are heading in the same direction. While concentrating your efforts on Google US might seem the obvious choice, focusing your SEO efforts on targeted markets can yield high results. And there’s an added bonus if you are proficient in some native language besides English.

Also, the competition within regional searches are much lesser. You are far likely to beat a website on your local search results which is otherwise big in the US searches.

White label – To promote or not to promote

While there are three major players in the binary options industry that churn out white label binary options platforms even faster than a coffee machine (figuratively speaking), from a binary options affiliate point of view, due diligence must be applied before you go around signing up to every binary options affiliate program under the sky.

Most of the white label binary options trading platforms, save for their website designs and marketing flair offer pretty much the same assets, more or less the same payouts. So.. does it make sense to promote two similar white label binary options trading platforms from within the same provider? Not quite!

Bearing the above tips in mind, potential affiliates can chalk out a strategy in order to be successful promoting binary options affiliate programs. The golden rule being that the more high paying an affiliate program is, the more difficult it becomes in order to make a profit. Read the Tradersmarter binary options affiliate program review, the first regulated binary options trading platform. Having said that, by implementing the tips above, anyone can start building a profitable affiliate business by promoting binary options affiliate programs.

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