Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Five effective ways to promote forex or binary options affiliate programs

affiliateWhen affiliates have to promote forex or binary options affiliate programs, they often believe that having a website is a good way to promote forex affiliate programs. While there is quite a bit of truth to this marketing tool, not everyone can manage a website. There could be different reasons ranging from lack of time or expertise to knowledge or a writers block when it comes to article marketing.

If you have been thinking of promoting affiliate programs or if you already do then we list five effective ways that both new and existing forex affiliates can make use of.

  1. Twitter Marketing

    Okay, so all you need to get started is a twitter account. Sign up for a twitter account if you don’t have one already and follow us on twitter 😉

    Once you have your twitter account ready, spare some time to create a nice profile and background pages and a logo if possible. If you are an individual, you don’t need to make a logo, but a nice picture that illustrates what you tweet about definitely helps. Don’t forget to fill out a short bio as well including the link.

    The link in your profile field is quite effective as tweet-ers often look and even click at the link based on your links. Free advertising. Make use of a URL shortener and put your affiliate link up there.

    When you have a decent looking profile you are now ready to tweet. If you are stuck for ideas then you can get started by visit and search for your niche keywords. Some keywords to help you get started would be forex trading, trade forex, forex promotions, forex bonuses.. well you get the idea.

    Make sure to make crisp tweets that are to the point followed by your URL. You can even make use of hash tags in twitter #keyword in order to make your tweets more search friendly.

  2. Blogs

    When we mention blogs, we’re talking about the free blog service provided by WordPress, Blogspot or Typepad. For those who do not want to go through the hassle of having your own website, the free blog service is of great help as it takes away the technicality out and lets you focus purely on content.

    To get started, focus on a niche keyword of your choice. Start with these, chances are the best keywords are already taken, so rack your brains to find the next best alternative. The keyword is important as it forms your blog address.

    Once you have your blog address ready, pay some attention on the design and layout of the blog. Most forex and binary options affiliate programs offer various banner sizes that you can use. Choose a few and make use of the sidebar in your blog. Also invest good time to make your headline catchy if you don’t have any design skills to make a custom header yourself.

    Now that your blog is ready start building content. Focus on the forex or binary options broker that you are promoting and start writing content. Don’t place too many links in the article as it might only end up confusing the reader. The key is to focus on converting your readers into paying customers.

  3. Email Signatures

    Everyone has an email account and we sure do make use of it. Why not make a nice signature and drop in your affiliate link there.

    Most affiliates often tend to focus on the ‘outside’ while not paying much attention to the potential customers on the ‘inside.’ By inside we mean your circle of contacts. By creating a catchy phrase or even a though provoking one followed by your link, chances are that at some point one of your contacts might just be a potential trader. And the chances of converting these kinds of leads are much higher.

    But be honest in what you mention in your signature. Don’t put an affiliate link simply because you get high commissions. Promote an affiliate link if you think that it provides value to your contacts of friends and colleagues.

  4. Social Networks

    Most of us have at least one account with the many social networks now available. By posting status messages at opportune moments you have the potential to influence your friends on your list. By opportune moment we mean to say that when ever there is a market event capitalize on it and post a status message with your affiliate link.

    New affiliates can further stretch this concept by creating a facebook page and inviting your friends to be fans. If the content you post there is good, chances are that your page will get recommended by your friends to others.

  5. PPC Marketing

    This is a paid marketing and takes a little bit of time than the above, but is as effective without having a website. The paid search marketing is getting highly competitive in the forex and binary options niche. So why would we recommend this as an effective tool, especially when a certain amount of investment is needed? The answer is simple. If you are a part-time affiliate and do not have the resources to promote a forex or binary options brand, then PPC is the way to go as it provides faster results, at a premium of course.

    Try to focus on keyword synonyms which have an advantage of a lower cost per click and let’s you by-pass the competition. Some forex and binary options affiliate programs have some policies such as bidding on their keywords. Check with your account manager before you embark on paid search marketing.

The above tips are helpful and effective, but remember that there is no silver bullet that will give you results over night. Affiliate marketing as a whole involves time, dedication and patience. With forex and binary options affiliate programs offering CPA’s as high as $300, the efforts justify the results.

Good luck with your affiliate marketing campaigns and we hope that affiliates can now promote forex and binary options affiliate programs more effectively, without making use of a website.


  1. Hi Guys, why do you think PPC can be done without website ? That’s simply not true anymore. Google will not allow you to direct link to the affiliate vendor page. This is gone since a long time ago.

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