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Forex affiliate terms. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

terms_of_useIn order to be the first in the race to catch the forex or binary options affiliate, most forex and binary options affiliate programs often lure the affiliate by offering custom deals and other such incentives. The temptation of getting higher affiliate commissions can often blind the average forex or binary options affiliate into missing out on reading the fine print.

Once the dust settles and as months go by, affiliates often find themselves in a soup as reality hits them when being referred to the affiliate terms and conditions. As a best practice, forex and binary options affiliates need to, no matter what pay attention to the fine print in order to make themselves aware of what they are getting into.

However, don’t let this be a deterrent as this article aims to only put forth the various terms from some of the most popular forex and binary options affiliate programs.

So let’s get started in alphabetical order.

24Option Affiliate Program

The 24Option binary options affiliate program got underway around the boom in the binary options industry. The 24Option affiliate program review details the payments and a brief overview of the 24Option affiliate system.

The affiliate terms and conditions from 24Option affiliate program is quite affiliate friendly. There is no minimum payout limit mentioned in their terms of use. The 24Option affiliate program also offers affiliates to dispute any payments within 30 days of receipt of the funds.

Our verdict: Beginner Friendly Affiliate Program

anyOption Affiliate Program

anyOption binary options affiliate program does have a few mentions that is a cause for concern for affiliates promoting the anyOption binary options brand.

anyOption can change your commission model

Section 4.2 states that anyOption, can at any point in time at their sole discretion change an affiliate’s commission model.

“We may elect not to accept your selected Payment Plan choice and we may convert any Payment Plan and any associated Trackers provided hereunder from a Revenue Share Plan to a CPA Plan or vice versa or to any other Payment Plan that we may operate from time to time, at any time, on notice to you.”

If the above isn’t enough, then anyOption also carries forward any negative balance your affiliate account might incur.

“At our sole discretion, we may in impose a policy that if the amount due is negative in any particular month, then that negative amount will carry over and be deducted against the following month. Minimum Payment Amount will be $100 (one hundred US Dollars). Any lower amount shall be held by us until it will reach the minimum required.”

anyOption also enforces a rather harsh affiliate termination agreement.

Clause 5.5

“If your Affiliate Account is inactive, your Agreement and participation in the Affiliate Network will automatically terminate. In this Section, “Inactive” means where (i) you have not generated sufficient Affiliate Accruals to trigger a payment into your Affiliate Account or you have not cashed out any funds (through a withdrawal or a transfer to a Customer Account) for 180 (one hundred and eighty) days or more; or (ii) you have not referred any new customers within 100 days (iii) you have failed to respond to any verification mails sent to you within a reasonable time. Where automatic termination occurs, any funds remaining within your Affiliate Account will revert to us.”

Our verdict: Unfriendly Affiliate Terms. Not a beginner friendly affiliate program,

Avapartner Forex Affiliate Program

Avapartner is perhaps one of the most affiliate friendly forex affiliate website. With the exception of not using avapartner, avafx keywords in PPC campaigns, the regular anti-spam compliance and fraud clauses, forex affiliates are pretty much served up a friendly forex affiliate program that doesn’t have a minimum payout threshold. Besides this factor which is a huge bonus, especially for forex affiliates who are just starting out, Avapartner’s flexibility in payment methods offer forex affiliates the flexibility to choose a payment method of their choice. Besides the above, Avapartner also offers an wide variety of marketing materials.

Our verdict: Beginner Friendly Affiliate Program

FxCash Affiliate Network

To begin with, FxCash’s terms are quite contradictory. The ‘Why FXCash’ sales page indicates that affiliate payments are guaranteed to be paid out by the 12th of every month. However the terms and conditions section paints a different picture.

Clause 3.e:

On or around the 10th and 15th day of each calendar month, FXCASH will issue to Partner any balance of 300$ or more in Partner’s Account for Transactions reported for the previous relevant period. FXCASH shall have no obligation to make payment of any Commissions for which FXCASH has not received payment from the relevant Merchant of all monies due to FXCASH (including for all Commissions owed by such Merchant to all of such Merchant’s Partners) until such payment has been received. If partner’s balance is lower than 300$, the balance will be carried over to the next calendar month.

As evident, Fxcash has a minimum payment limit of $300 without a clear statement on when the affiliate payments would be made.

Our verdict: Contradictory affiliate terms. Not a beginner friendly affiliate program

OptionTide affiliate program

OptionTide binary options affiliate program is definitely something to watch out for. For starters, the section on payment is quite illogical as it mentions that if the affiliate provides incorrect payment information, and if OptionTide cannot make the payments due to this factor a certain amount is deducted from your affiliate commissions, which is quite ridiculous, to say the least.

Section 7:

In the event that you provide OptionTide with incorrect or incomplete details in relation to your preferred payment method and OptionTide is not able to transfer the commissions to you, OptionTide reserves the right to subtract from the commissions due to you an amount of money to reflect the required investigation and additional work created by your provision of incorrect or incomplete details

OptionTide also states that all payment charges are deducted from the affiliate commissions. So if you expect a payment of $500 into your paypal, then rest assured that you will notices a lesser amount.

Section 7:
OptionTide shall be entitled to set-off from the amount of commission to be paid to you any associated costs related to the transfer of such commission.

And perhaps the icing on the cake is the HIGHEST PAYOUT LIMIT set by OptionTide at $500.

In the event that the commission to be paid to you in any calendar month is less than $500 (the “Minimum Amount”), OptionTide shall not be obligated to make the payment until such time as the commission is equal to or greater than the Minimum Amount.

Our Verdict: Very affiliate unfriendly


500Affiliates affiliate program is rather straightforward and falls in the intermediary category. 500Affiliates has a minimum payout restriction of $150. They also has a payment void clause, section 3.6

Affiliate Fees will be payable within fifteen (15) days after the end of each calendar month, except that, in no event will the Company pay to an Affiliate an amount lower than $150, and in the event such Affiliate balance at the end of a calendar month is below $150, such balance shall be carried over and added to the next month’s Affiliate Fees. In the event, the balance amount carried over does not total $150 within six (6) consecutive calendar months, then the amount due will be voided and cancelled, and the Company may terminate this Agreement with no liability whatsoever to Affiliate.

However, considering that the CPA pays as high as $600, the 500Affiliates program’s terms of use is somewhat justified.

Our Verdict: Best suited for an intermediate affiliate with reasonable traffic/conversions

Tradesmarter Affiliates

Tradesmarter employs a negative carry over policy as well and the CPA terms are somewhat tricky. For example, Tradesmarter affiliates get a $100 CPA if a trader referred deposits anywhere between $100 and $500 as a first deposit. Subsequent deposits are not taken into consideration.

Tradesmarter has a rather high affiliate payout of $300.

Section 5:

No amounts will be paid to you by us until a total amount exceeding USD 300 is due to you pursuant to this Agreement.

Tradesmarter’s tracking, one should note works on the basis of crediting the latest referral. Section 5 elaborates:

The following scenarios are presented for the purpose of illustration only and we maintain the sole right to determine when and if a commission payment is due: (i) if a visitor comes to our site once from a link from Site A and then later returns to our site from a link from Site B, all commissions will be paid to Site B; (ii) if a visitor comes to our site from Site A, purchases nothing, and returns 31 days later directly to the Site to purchase Option, no commission will be paid.

Our Verdict: Best suited for an intermediate affiliate with reasonable traffic/conversions

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