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Forex Campaign Management Tips From Facebook IPO

forex-campaign-managementFacebook’s IPO might have fizzled out, but for the forex and binary options industry it offered an exciting time for attracting new traders on board. Besides the spike in sign ups and conversions that affiliates got to see, the Facebook IPO puts to light some important lessons as well as tips for both brokers and affiliates alike. In this article, we’ll take a retrospective look into the Facebook IPO campaign and how some of the affiliates managed to surf the Facebook IPO tide.

To begin with, let’s first focus on the Facebook IPO itself and the factors that made it so unique.

Facebook undoubtedly enjoys the recognition of being the world’s most popular social networking platform and for all the right reasons. Facebook’s IPO was unique in the fact that it wasn’t until the IPO trading day that individual traders could get a slice of the pie. By offering exclusivity to the IPO underwriters, Facebook’s IPO became a ‘Golden Egg’ and was out of reach for most investors. Also the fact that the hype and the buzz that was built in the weeks running up to the IPO managed to gained enough attention thanks to the media that played a big role.

Considering the above, if you only go by one factor where shares were not available for independent traders, the ‘exclusivity’ in itself made for a great marketing opportunity for binary options and CFD brokers to take advantage of the mad rush.

Facebook IPO Campaign – Broker’s Perspective

From a broker’s perspective, giving credit where it’s due, it was anyOption which was the first binary options broker to launch their Facebook IPO campaign. Speaking with the VP of anyOption, it was quite clear that they had a well laid out plan and infact gain the status of being the ‘early bird’ that managed to capitalize on Facebook’s IPO frenzy.

Going only by numbers, anyOption managed to double their growth simply due to the Facebook campaign. In fact as we reported anyOption kicked off their Facebook IPO campaign early on in February. This allowed affiliates a LOT of time to build and plan for the Facebook IPO.

David Zruia from 500Affiliates was also quite excited with the Facebook IPO campaigns and for the right reasons. Their well known CFDs broker launched their Facebook IPO campaign a bit late but well within a reasonable timeframe that offered affiliates just enough time to ‘accommodate’ the Facebook IPO campaign.

We also saw some late entrants which included and AvaFx and quite recently TradeRush which introduced Facebook trading onto their list of trading instruments.

Facebook IPO Campaign – Affiliate’s Perspective

From an affiliate point of view the Facebook IPO campaign offered perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to really build up some traffic and conversions. Frank, from aktien-tipps, a German focused website dealing with CFD’s said that he couldn’t have been more glad.

One important point that stood out was the fact that the IPO frenzy starting building up only from the week prior to the IPO, which saw a tremendous increase in sign ups and some great conversions as well.

We also saw a couple of affiliate websites that shot to the front page rankings for Facebook IPO related search terms. One such site that stood out was, which seemed to have already built up a good collection of articles and resources on trading Facebook IPO and also (where even the site’s theme was fashioned after Facebook).

Forex Campaign Management Lessons

Plan ahead!

Planning ahead for a campaign gives affiliates enough time to build different streams of traffic and in turns helps to improve their bottomline conversions and sales besides the fact that it also gives you the extra edge over those affiliates who wake up at the last minute. This can be a very decisive factor that can set you up for success or just fizzle out. So be it writing articles to gain organic search traffic or doing some PPC campaign, plan well in advance so you know exactly what to do when the time is right.

Push the button at the right moment!

The next obvious point is to know when to ‘execute’ your campaigns. As we saw, it was perhaps the last day before the IPO was launched that the buzz increased almost ten times. It would have made for a really opportune moment for affiliates to issue press releases or kick start their PPC campaign (which strangely enough we didn’t see any ads pertaining to the Facebook IPO).


While going the tried and tested path might seem easy, events such as these allow affiliates to try out something new. We have had reports of some affiliates who mentioned that they had casually shared their page updates onto their personal profiles and were surprised to see some of their friends sharing the story which eventually led to some ‘unexpected’ people signing up to trade the Facebook IPO.

This makes for an important point as experimenting with new sources of traffic can prove to be not just a learning experience but also at times the results could be surprising, going against what you would usually percieve.

To conclude, it might be a while before we see another such IPO play out. However, the fact is that the forex markets always offers something exciting and a niche as dynamic as this, forex affiliates can always take advantage and create opportunities for themselves.

So if you missed out the Facebook IPO tide, fret not. For all you know there’s just another hype filled IPO or an event just around the corner. But make sure you have learnt your lessons well and play your cards well the next time.

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