Sunday, November 17, 2019

Getting more niche traffic using LinkedIn

linkedin-trafficWhile there are lots of articles that speak about Facebook and Twitter, and how those social networking sites can help webmasters make more money online. Yet, LinkedIn, a very powerful tool to target business professionals remains under the radar. One of the factors attributed to this is the common myth that LinkedIn is more of a B2B networking site. While that is indeed the case, the chances of reaching out, distributing your content to a more niche audience cannot be ignored.

If you want to attract a niche, influential professionals then you need a LinkedIn presence. Neilson Online called LinkedIn, “The world’s largest audience of affluent, influential professionals.” In fact, you will find more than 80 million of them from more than 200 countries. LinkedIn’s population is highly educated; more than 80 percent have bachelor or graduate degrees. The average household income of a LinkedIn user is about $108,000 per year, and more than 20 percent of LinkedIn users are senior level executives and managers. What’s more, over 60 percent of users are decision makers in  their companies or have direct influence over key decisions related to product or service purchases. This is something your competition likely does not know.  It’s plain to see that LinkedIn offers its own value proposition. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

Have a complete profile

The first step before one plans to dive into the LinkedIn world is to have a complete profile. Remember, it’s your space, so be as elaborative and compelling as you can. Add feeds from your blog and link up your Twitter account. In short, make your profile complete such that a first time visitor to your profile will be compelled to click on your links.

Go get your prospects

From a forex affiliate marketing point of view, it would be beneficial to see LinkedIn as a place where you can get individuals (LinkedIn Members) to read your content. Most people have a LinkedIn profile and only a few connections. They are not actively seeking prospects, joint venture partners and referral sources. Instead they spend their time asking: Why should I be on this website?

The onus lies in the mindset of a forex affiliate. Think of yourself as a business promoting products (the forex merchants/brands you promote). Now one of your top priorities is always to get new visitors to your site. The only way to do this is to go out and search for those who can be your best visitors and refer future business. Notice the word “best”LinkedIn allows you to target potential customers in a way that Facebook and Twitter does not.

LinkedIn can help you network with the best and brightest; the decision makers and influencers. Build connections with powerful people and a trickle-down effect can bring new connections and new business.

The focus should not only be at driving traffic to your site but to also make the content compelling enough such that it triggers interactivity and debate.

Make yourself visible

While most webmasters might have a LinkedIn account, not many do things that would make them stand out from the rest.

  • Update your status message daily. I don’t mean “Going out to eat at that new restaurant downtown.” Provide real, informative content that can help your prospects. Show them that you have solutions for their problems. If for example, the trending topic in Forex is the talk about Gold prices rising, then make an appropriate status message that provides value or insights into the topic.
  • Starting debates is withing LinkedIn groups is also a very effective way to make yourself stand out. Debates can range from any topic related to your niche or if you want to gain insight or support of your idea that might seem radical or unconventional.
  • Offering tips and informative resources. Don’t just go about dropping links to your website. When you come across an informative piece of article, do spread the word around. Do not let LinkedIn group owners feel that you are simply spamming links to your site.
  • LinkedIn Q&A: As a forex affiliate/webmaster, one of the best topics to engage with in the LinkedIn Q&A section is affiliate marketing, forex, SEO and so on. Look around for the questions people are posting and chip in.

Create and distribute content

LinkedIn on average allows an individual to join up to 50 groups. Now considering if each of these groups have 100 members, image the potential traffic you would be looking at?

As LinkedIn continues to grow and innovate, webmasters should look at LinkedIn as a good place to promote themselves and their websites as a brand.

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