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Google adsense as an alternate source of income

adsense for forexForex affiliate marketing is a highly niche and competitive industry. Although the payouts are one of the highest in affiliate marketing sector, it does take a mix of time and various methods to get your sites ranked high and there after convert your clicks to sales. Google Adsense has been around for many years and every seasoned affiliate, forex and binary options alike has at some point used Adsense to compliment the ads on their sites. If you aren’t using Google Adsense or considering using Adsense, then take the jump.

Not only do affiliates get paid for clicks, but given the fact that the keywords in forex are quite expensive, affiliates can expect to see good revenue per click. AdSense ads are targeted ads, which means they fit to the site’s content. Therefore it’s likely they will meet the visitors’ interests. This usually leads to a high click-through ratio (CTR) on AdSense ads compared to the CTR of normal non-targeted banner ads. There are some basic criterion that influences your adsense performance, namely:

  • Unique Visitors and page impressions
  • the click-through-rates
  • cost per click

We list out a few pointers on how to improve your adsense conversions for affiliates and sites focusing on the forex and binary options niche.

Focus on the ad formats

There is no ‘magic ad format.‘ We cannot and neither should you generalize. Every website is unique and the ad format that converts well depends on the website’s layout. The best way to get started is by trying out all the formats available. Sticking with the standard IAB recommended sizes. You can also try out between text ads or a combination of images. Different formats tend to attract different click-through-rates and it is imperative that you closely monitor the ad performance reports in order to identify the adsense ad formats that works best for you.

Using custom channels and custom URL’s

While the terminology might seem confusing this is fairly simple. The custom channels and custom url’s are means that will help you to identify which ads are most successful. Below are the differences between custom channels and URL channels.

  • Custom Channels are used to track specific ad unit, or link unit on a particular page.
  • Url Channels are used to track a whole site or an entire page.

Example, if you want to track the performance of a 468×60 and a 200×200 adsense blocks on your domain, then you can create a URL channel called and two custom channels called 468×60 and 200×200 (or any other term easy to identify) This way, in your reporting, you can see the overall performance of your domain and drill down to see which of the two custom channels are best performing.

Styling your adsense ads

Create a custom palette for your adsense adverts. Choose the color styling that blends the ads into your site. For example, if your site has a white background, try to use white as the color of your ad border and background. The idea to patterning the colors is to make the Adsense look like it is part of the web pages. Styling your adsense adverts, will result in more clicks from people visiting your site.

Ad Placements

The placement of the adsense ads is greatly relevant to it’s position which in return affects the adsense’ click through rate. AdSense ads should not be hidden from your visitors, but they should be visible at first sight. Again, there are still several places you can choose for your ads to appear. Remove the Adsense from the bottom pages of your site and put them at the top. Do not try to hide your Adsense. Put them in the place where people can see them quickly. You will be amazed how the difference between Adsense locations can make when you see your earnings.

Site relevance and content

By default adsense tries to match the ads based on your site’s content. This means that websites with good relevant content staying within a niche tend to see more relevant ads than sites that do not. The benefits of content relevancy is the fact that the reader is already engaged by your content and the chances of clicking a relevant Google adsense ad is much higher. In the same note, ad formats need to be relevant as well. Google Adsense offers different two basic kinds of ad formats. The regular text and banner content and the text links. Site owners need to be savvy to know which format to use and when. Site links are more in the form of a vertical or horizontal menu. Further more when placed appropriately, the chances of the text link ads getting clicked are much higher.

Remember, every website is unique and requires a different approach. The pointers above act as a general guideline. Some webmasters tend to believe that higher the traffic, more adsense clicks can be generated, but that is not entirely true. A site that gets 3000 un-targeted visits is likely to under perform than a site that gets only 300 visits but highly targeted. In this essence, bounce rates play a crucial role to the overall adsense performance on your sites. Click here for further understanding of bounce rates.

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