Monday, February 17, 2020

How do you position your affiliate website?

Affiliate-Marketing-StrategySearch for any product or service online and you are guaranteed to see lots of websites that speak/talk/critique the product/service you are researching into. In today’s age where the user/customer has control, a product or service is purchased based on research done by the user. It is due to this change in trend that most products and services engage in an affiliate program.

With many products and services thus embarking on setting up their own pay for performance, affiliate marketing strategy this has given rise to many webmasters, also known as affiliates who do their bit in promoting, influencing the user in making a purchase.

The retail forex industry is quite a competitive market with great profit margins and it is of little wonder why many, if not all forex brokers have their own affiliate program. A quick search on the internet for forex or other related terms will throw up quite a few websites. Of course, while this is good for the user or ‘to be trader’ there is a bigger underlying question that one needs to ask when it comes to webmasters promoting the forex broker.

Do you build your website based on the products you like or think is good to promote or do you choose a forex broker that best fits in with your existing website?

Let not this question confuse you.

Scenario A: You browse around for forex related products and you stumble upon a couple of high paying forex affiliate programs. You then decided to build your website in order to promote these products.

Scenario B: You are an avid blogger or a webmaster and forex is where your interest lies. Since your website already talks about the topic of your interest, you think it’s time to monetize your website traffic and therefore sign up with some forex affiliate programs.

See the difference?

Going beyond the scenarios, the way you develop or build your website is basically drilled down to either scenario A or scenario B. Of course, while each of the strategies or scenarios has it’s own pros and cons, we thought of setting up a quick poll to see what most affiliate marketers or webmasters strategy is.

Go ahead, we’re as curious as you are to know what your strategy has been.

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