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How To Write Compelling Forex Broker Review Articles

how-to-write-forex-reviewsChoosing a forex broker or for that matter a binary options broker is usually not as simple as it seems. No matter how good a marketing campaign a broker can plan on, the truth is that the end user, the potential trader will always look into and research into a couple of other sites before deciding to trade with a broker. It is therefore imperative that a well written, well presented broker review can do wonders for affiliates promoting forex and/or binary options.

In this article, we present some tips forex webmasters can bear in mind when writing forex or binary options broker reviews and how to write the reviews so that it is easy for the website visitors to convert into potential leads and eventually into depositing customers.

Don’t write a story

One of the common mistakes forex webmasters do is that they end up writing lengthy articles and pass it off as reviews. The problem with such long reviews is that unless they manage to really hold the visitor’s curiosity it is highly likely that the visitor will just close the page or perhaps move on to the next search result. This is a potential visitor/lead that is lost. Keeping the broker reviews precise and to the point helps both the visitor in terms of finding the information they want and at the same time makes it easy for the webmaster to fine tune their review writing skills.

Don’t write for search engines

While this might go against the SEO rules of maintaining a minimum of 400 words or more in your articles or adding H1, H2, H3 tags and what not, the purpose of writing the review should not be mixed with writing your forex reviews for search engines. While it could be possible to rank your review in the search engines, if the content is
not aimed towards the visitor, the purpose is lost.

Understand your traffic and write accordingly

When it comes to presenting forex reviews or binary options broker reviews, the basic starting point should be your audience. Understanding what kind of an audience your site attracts or if you are competely new, then focusing on a target audience can be helpful. If you present too many technical factors in your review, and if your site is aimed towards absolute beginners the balance is lost. Likewise, writing a review that focuses on bonuses and promotions while losing out on important technical aspects might put off seasoned forex traders.

Make your review presentable

A review that only has content and more content can be a turn off for many and could potentially fail to keep your visitors engaged. Making use of images such as screenshots, trading platform images and so on can help to make your reviews a bit more creative and help in engaging your website audience even better. Besides images, also use videos where possible and if you fall short of both images and videos, then at the very least make use of bullet points, tables and pullquotes in order to present your content in a way that offers information but at the same time highlights the important points which could be helpful for someone who is in a rush to do some last minute research.

Keep your reviews honest

Practically speaking this is something that most webmasters do not want to talk about. For most, the basic purpose of writing a review of a forex broker is to get traffic and convert them into sales. However, by being dishonest and writing incorrect and/or false broker reviews will only hurt your websites credibility in the wrong run. If you believe that the forex broker you want to partner with has some issues that need clarification, it is better to sort them out first before you post a review. Honesty in the reviews can be a rewarding factor towards building credibility to your website.

Check out the broker first!

The last nugget of advise is that webmasters must at the very least signed up for a demo account with their forex broker or perhaps at least create a trading account with a binary options broker. Writing a review without having a clue of how the processes work with a particular broker can be disastrous, if not embarrassing. Most brokers do not allow you to create a trading account using your own affiliate link. However, it is perfectly genuine if you create a demo or a test account using your affiliate link. Besides that fact that it enables you to test the tracking of the broker it also gives you insights into any bottlenecks or issues a potential trader might fact.

To conclude, writing forex reviews or binary options reviews is like creating a sales copy. Maintaining a balance between using good on-page SEO factors while at the same time writing for the visitor by presenting the facts they like to see can greatly help the visitors to be engaged on your website and also help in potentially converting visitors on your site in leads and eventually sales.

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