Monday, February 17, 2020

Improving conversion rates in forex affiliate marketing

improve-conversion-ratesAffiliate marketing is hard! And if you are an affiliate promoting a niche as competitive as forex, then it takes a bit more than having a good website or content to enjoy high conversion rates. One aspect that is often given low priority is the conversion rate. Most forex webmasters spend a lot of time on other factors such as content and search engine rankings (which is good) but pay little attention to the conversions on their website.

By following the tips we give below, forex affiliates can immediately improve their website visitor’s conversion rates at no extra cost. All it takes is a having a keen eye on your conversion funnel and working towards a goal.

Before we go into the details on improving the conversion rate for forex affiliates, let’s start out by first understanding the conversion funnel.

As illustrated by the image , visitors come in all forms but can be classified mostly into visitors looking/searching for something, known as AWARENESS. In our context it is a forex broker. Assuming that a forex webmaster has a good SEO strategy that includes article marketing and building backlinks, the focus now should be on the next step in the conversion process which is INTEREST. You can create interest in your visitors when you have the right content which matches with the right keywords. The next step is to create DESIRE. Desire is nothing but offering a compelling promotion or added value that is put across in a way such that it questions the visitor’s motive. By creating desire in the visitor to click on the link and register with the forex merchant you are just one step short from completing the funnel.

The best way to act on a visitor’s desire is by providing themImproving conversion rates in forex affiliate marketing with an ACTION. Click here, Claim your bonus now and so on are nothing but terms that offer ‘action’ to the website visitor in order to fulfill their desire.

The primary goal for any forex affiliate is to convert their website’s visitor into a trader and our eight tips to improve the conversion rate gives the extra edge.

Stop traffic leakage

It’s time for the NFP results and you have done enough research and came up with a couple of articles that speak about this report. The affiliate’s job doesn’t end here. Imagine with all the work put in, your at the top of Google’s search and you get lots of traffic but there aren’t many conversions. Wonder why? Forex traders are savvy. In all probability the potential traders visit your site only to take the tips and look elsewhere (another website) that offers rebates or something extra.

So while do you all the groundwork, someone else (or some other website) reaps the benefits.

The key here is to increase your website’s stickiness. We suggest that apart from writing articles with text links put across, make sure to ‘MENTION‘ a word or two about a forex broker that you promote. This way the selling pitch stays consistent with your article and also increases the probability of having the visitor to click on the link. This is a good alternative for forex affiliates who either do not have the resources or enough revenue stream to offer additional value to the visitors.

Make use of Widgets

While not many forex affiliate programs offer widgets, some still do. Forex partner programs such as eToro Partners, AvaPartner and quite recently FxCash all incorporate javascript forex widgets that offer live currency rates, charts and other interactive tools that are beneficial to the potential visitor/trader.

Forex widgets help not only to enhance your site’s appeal and make it more dynamic it also helps by offering something of value to the trader. By offering live currency rates for example, this forex widget can well be blended into any article or content that speaks on the topic.

Landing pages

Most forex and binary options affiliate programs offer various landing pages. The conversions from a visitor to a trader is highly increased when you use the appropriate landing pages. For example if your have a text that speaks about rebates then ensure that the landing page also talks about rebates. This way the message stays consistent and offers a higher chance for a lead to convert into an active trader.

Using the right terms

Content is king when it comes to organic search, but if you use the wrong content or keywords the efforts are put to waste. There are many plugins and tools that offer a good solution that helps webmasters to target a keyword and get various parameters such as keyword density and so on.

By making use the correct terms, for example terms such as ‘What is a forex trading signal’ as against ‘trading signal‘ can help webmasters see a higher conversion rate. The basic idea behind this is to carve out the keyword terms that are most probably searched. By providing an educative information followed by subtle upselling of the forex merchant, there is a higher chance of converting a click into an active trader.

Using the right banners

There is a reason for the banners being available in various sizes and in online marketing bigger is not always better. Statistics show that text links often receive the highest clicks when compared to banners. That being said, banners can be used to place at strategic locations in the content or in the website which compels the visitor to click. By making use of the right banner size that goes well with the content and links to the appropriate landing page, is one of the best practices in affiliate marketing.

By making use of the above tips, forex affiliates can optimize their affiliate performance by paying close attention to the often ignored points that are critical to the website’s conversion rates.

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