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Keyword research in forex affiliate marketing

keyword-research-forex-affiliatesKeyword research forms an important aspect for any website. Right from the start, when used effectively, Keyword Research can help you from choosing the right domain name to writing articles that can pull traffic. It is a given that most of use a search engine now a day to find out about things, ranging from searching to understand a meaning of a word or term to finding the best deals possible.

Search engines have become an integral part to a website’s success and it is keyword research that plugs the bridge between what people are searching for and to making your site visible for those search terms. Keyword research is one aspect of SEO that webmasters need to look into and forms one of the basic foundations to a good SEO strategy.

Making use of keywords, especially in forex affiliate marketing can provide a lot of benefits. From increasing the traffic to your website to assisting in conversions from the traffic that you get. Which is why keyword research must not be ignored or taken lightly. While it might seem a bit too cumbersom, the efforts that go into keyword research can help the affiliate to reap more benefits as compared to writing an article that cannot be searched for or doesn’t have good search volume.

Using keyword research in forex affiliate marketing

Before we delve into the details one must understand the basic concepts of keyword research. Gone are the days of short tail keywords that comprise of one or two words. Webmasters should focus on long tail keywords as that is where the major chunk of the traffic comes from. There are a few factors to determine good keyword research:

  • Users who type the ‘phrase’ are more likely to be potential customers/traders
  • Focus on the less competitive keywords yet balance the search volume
  • The search phrase that you are targeting should reflect in the article or the landing page

But having said that, do not assume that all traffic will convert. Chances are that some users might just be researching into the niche.

Keywords can be broadly classified into Research keywords and buying keywords. Understanding this comparison can assist affiliates to build content accordingly. For example, you would want to upsell a product for a research keyword.

Forex Keyword Research – What is a Research keyword

A research keyword can be defined as a phrase that is used by people in order to research into a product or the niche. Research keywords are part of the buying funnel and could in some cases be the first step. How well the article is presented and if the text is convincing enough can play a big role in converting the incoming traffic into sales is a different story.

Most affiliates/webmasters tend to confuse this term. Research keywords can help in increasing traffic to your site, but the chances of converting that traffic to a sale is low. As obvious when purchasing a product, research forms a basic starting point in the decision making process. Research keywords help in giving your article or page a push in the search engine rankings. A the same time, research keywords can also get highly competitive.

From a forex prespective, keywords such as “forex broker reviews”, “uk forex brokers” and so on can be categorized under research keywords. Majority of users searching for such terms are either researching into selecing the right forex broker.

Focusing on research keywords must not however be entirely written off due to the fact that they can fetch good traffic and perhaps an odd sale/conversion as well. However, research keywords should not be the sole focus.

Forex Keyword Research – What is a Buying Keyword

The buying keyword can be defined as search terms being used by people that have already researched into the product or in context, a forex broker and are now ready to become a depositing client. Such traffic is ‘hot’ and offers a lot of potential to convert such traffic into sales. In comparison, it is a lot more easier to rank for a buying keyword as compared to research keywords, but the flipside being that the volume is low. In order to balance the search volume, multiple buying keywords need to form the basis for your pages or articles in order to start seeing some considerable sales.

Examples of buying keywords in a forex perspective include “forex spread analysis”, “brand name trading conditions” and so on.

Tools for Keyword Research

There are many tools available today to assist you in keyword research. The problem with such tools is that the learning curve varies and also the aspect of how effective the particular keyword research tool is.

We recommend Traffic Travis, which is an all in one seo software that can help you to do a good keyword research. There is a free version available (download here) that can do the most basic tasks for keyword research.

Good V/s Bad Keywords

Factors such as low competition or low search volume are some of the few indicators to use in determining the right keywords. It doesn’t make sense to write an article or design a page that targets a keyword that has less than 50 searches a month.

Using Traffic Travis, you can easily conduct a good keyword research. Refer to the screenshot below where we take a look at two keywords, forex broker reviews and forex spread analysis.

Forex Keyword Research

Forex Keyword Analysis

From what is shown, the keyword forex broker reviews attracts around 12.4 million searches as compared to 6 million searches for the term forex spread analysis. From this sample report what we can gather is that it is a lot more easier to rank for forex spread analysis and with good onpage and offpage seo be able to show up on page 1 on Google’s search results.

Keyword research in forex affiliate marketing or for that matter in any other niche can be beneficial towards making your websites or articles a lot more targeted rather than shooting in the dark. From increasing traffic to potential sales, good keyword research forms the basis towards a more successful affiliate marketing business.

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