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Landing Pages for Affiliate Marketing and AdWords

We cover designing the perfect landing page and include two samples which you can pick up in the following articles and use on your own sites. We have been testing these now for months and they can seriously make a dent on your cost per click price by increasing your quality score. You will require to ‘Sign Up‘ as a member or subscribe to the newsletter.

Landing Pages

This is a very important step because the Landing Page is the final stage of your funnel before conversion, and if it’s done right then the Cost Per Click (CPC) can be reduced, increasing your profit.

What Is A Landing Page?

If you asked different people, you’d probably get varied answers. The reason is that people use different types of  landing pages depending on what they are trying to achieve. Put most simply, the landing page is the web page that the prospect lands on when he/she first hits your site. This is not necessarily your “home” page, but more specifically is the page you direct them to when your linking from an advert, promotion offer, or an email link.

It’s also the tipping point – the place where your prospect finally gets the answer to their question, a solution to their problem, and a reason to do something (i.e. a call to action). It’s where buyer meets seller (whether the buyer realizes they are a buyer at the point or not!), and if you fail with your landing page, then all the work you have done on your campaign so far is wasted – so we need get all the ticks in the right boxes to align with Google’s requirements and maximize conversions.

In summary, your Landing Page should be designed to trigger an action, which could either be a purchase, signing up to your list, or clicking through to an offer. The page should be simple, directing the prospect from A to B.

The Google Factor

As we already know, Google will charge you a variable rate on your AdWords which is based on Google’s perceived quality of your site (the “Quality Score”).  The better the landing page, the higher the quality score, the lower the AdWords CPC. Now this may seem back to front, I mean wouldn’t it make more sense for Google to charge you the most for your advert placement? The reason they do it this way is because they want their customers to have a good experience. If you can make that happen, then Google rewards you with a lower CPC, and their customers are happier because they’re not sent to an irrelevant site.

The “good experience” means getting an answer as fast and as easy as possible, whilst being relevant.

Quick Do’s And Don’ts

Rather than let you through Google’s lengthy terms, here’s a quick breakdown of what you should do, and what you should avoid, on your landing pages.


  • Make a long form sales letter, it kills your quality score
  • Overuse words like “free”, “buy” or “guarantee”
  • Use pop ups
  • Just show or repeat ads, or have a simple arbitrage system
  • Promote malware

Also, take heed on some things that you plan to promote. Google doesn’t make it easy for certain segments, such as “get rich quick” sites or long sales letters. If you review Google’s terms, they state that sites should be focussed and simple to navigate.


  • Use a squeeze page
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Link to “Contact Us” and “Privacy Policy” pages
  • Use video
  • Use good quality pictures
  • Make sure the site / page loads quickly
  • Write slippy copy

Now we’ve got the quick do’s and don’ts, our next article will delve a bit deeper and discuss the design of the landing page.

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