Monday, February 17, 2020

Optimizing your forex affiliate sites

One particular challenge facing most affiliates, especially for affiliates promoting forex goes something like this: you sign up at a forex affiliate program, put up some banners and links on existing affiliate sites you have, and then you wait and checking your stats, hoping for signups that never come.

Lots of forex affiliates get discouraged at this stage and give up, trying out some different affiliate niche and never really give Forex programs a fair chance. Truth be told, forex affiliate programs take a lot more effort and time before you get to see results. Considering the niche of the market.

What Makes Forex Trading a niche?

Forex trading really is unique, and it’s not a typical product or service that has general appeal. Even if you have affiliate sites that get a lot of broad, general traffic, there aren’t many people in the mainstream world that will see an ad for Forex trading and think;

“Hey, I really think the euro is in for a big fall. I should open a Forex trading account and start trading foreign currencies.”

Forex trading is a specialized endeavor, and not even something that an audience for a general finance or investing website might find attractive enough to click a banner for, much less create and fund an account to trade.

Succeess with Forex Affiliate Programs

Discouraging as it may sound, but if anything it’s actually a positive. All it really means is that you have to do little extra work and build dedicated affiliate sites exclusive to Forex trading, instead of trying to piggyback on existing sites you may have.

Reviews of Forex brokers are a great place to start, as it’s easy to target Forex-related keywords by writing reviews of some of the top Forex brokers, letting you capitalize on free traffic from a variety of search engines. Reviews not only let you subtly sell the sites and encourage visitors to click through and create an account, but they also let you promote a variety of Forex affiliate programs.

Know what you’re promoting

It always helps to have a fair idea on the forex products you are promoting. Taking some time out to explore the forex broker, the products they offer, the trading platform interface helps you make your content stand out from the rest.

Most website visitors will ignore a site that simply shouts “Sign up with XYZ Forex broker” but will respond if you mention it in passing, as far as detailing the trades you made with a specific broker, how much you like their trading platform, and so on.

Honesty sells well in the affiliate world, and trading blogs or websites are a great way to blend honesty and affiliate links into a package that gets visitors to click through.

If you’re an active Forex trader yourself, blogs can be a great way of getting traffic to your Forex affiliate sites, as people love to read about the trading successes (and failures) of others, and it’s a subtle way of advertising Forex affiliate programs while still maintaining your integrity.

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  1. I am starting to build a FX affiliate site and was wondering what to add in the site? The article gave me a starting point. Thanks.

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