Monday, February 17, 2020

Binary options keyword research report – Australia

binary-options-keywordsWe’re pleased to release thisĀ first of its kind binary options keyword research report for the region of Australia. In our first of a series of reports, ForexAffiliates Review’s aim is to release many such reports, focusing on various regions within the binary options and soon to follow forex marketing sectors. The binary options keyword research report is aimed at affiliates and affiliate managers or media buying agencies operating within the binary options industry.

What does the binary options keyword research contain

The binary options keyword research report is primarily a two sheet MS excel report that puts together the following parameters.

  • General Keyword overview
  • Adwords Competition by keyword
  • Top binary options websites
  • A list of 150 URL’s

General keyword overview

This table gives a brief outline on the top keywords in binary options. With further classification into the %age of competition, Global/local monthly search volumes and approximate CPC on the Adwords network.

What is this table used for?
From an affiliate manager or a media buyer’s perspective, this table gives a brief outline on the top keywords in binary options, the competition it gets and the monthly search volumes including the Cost per click. By having such data handy, you will be able to plan your budgets more smartly and improvise on the keywords.

From an affiliate’s perspective, the general keyword overview table can be seen as a list of potential keywords that binary options affiliates can make use of in order to build or rank their websites higher from a regional perspective. Also, with the Cost Per click, affiliates can have a fair idea on what keywords to focus on that will also get them additional income by making use of Google Adsense.

Adwords Competition

This table is very beneficial to binary options affiliate managers or media buying agencies as they can get a high level overview on the number of competing ads for a keyword. This table also gives a potential opportunity where binary options programs can target less competing keywords in order to avoid the high costs for the most competed keywords.

What is this table used for?

Plan your CPC campaigns more effectively. This report can also help binary options affiliates who make use of Google Adwords.

Top binary options websites

This table gives a list of the top websites that make use of the Adsense or the AdCenter publisher network. The table is presented in a way such that each of the top binary options keywords has a corresponding URL and the Adwords position in the publisher’s site.

What is this table used for?

The top binary options websites table can be used in lots of ways. Affiliate managers can contact the potential websites and negotiate a deal directly or make use of AdWords and the keyword opportunities to tweak their CPC campaigns. Binary options affiliates can investigate into the sites in order to do a competitor analysis and there by improve their own sites.

Top 150 websites

Based on the parameters such as the number of keyword the report focuses on and the region, the top 150 websites is a list of the top sites that rank high on Google/Yahoo/Bing Australia. This table is a mix of both binary options platforms as well as binary options affiliate websites.

What is this table used for?

The top 150 sites in binary options lists the top sites from the region for the binary options keywords we have focused on. This list is highly beneficial for affiliate managers in a way that they can reduce their Adwords costs and target the sites directly. From a binary options affiliate perspective, they can make use of this list to either engage in backlinks or to analyze these sites and build their own SEO strategy.

How much does the binary options keyword research cost

We’re introducing this report at a fair and affordable price of $37.50. The excel sheet will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of completing your purchase via Paypal. Further more, repeat customers who purchase the next set of reports will be able to purchase the reports at only $30.00

This is a highly cost effective report at an amazing price. You no longer have to hire or outsource your keyword research to anyone else. Our report will help you to instantly start acting on the results published instead of spending your time on expensive SEO tools or SEO teams.

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