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Content syndication to get more traffic to your site

content-syndicationContent syndication, when used correctly is one of the ways to get more traffic to your site. This is the answer to one of the most commonly asked question by new affiliate marketers. So you have you started a new website, all set to make your mark in affiliate marketing, built up unique content but you wonder why nobody is visiting your site even though you have been dutifully posting content on a regular basis?

As with anything, the key is in the fact that you need to get the word out that your website is online before anyone will start visiting your blog. Read our article on Keyword research tips to help you get started. Besides keyword research, if you have built your site using WordPress the platform already has features that gives you the capability to market your website well, but how is the big question.

With a few tweaks, your wordpress self hosted site is already search engine friendly. What is challenging for most however is in finding and building inbound links. Inbound links is a big part of SEO. These are links that are pointing to your websites from external sources. They can come from other websites, blogs, forums, web directories, etc.

Because building links is time consuming, affiliate marketers need to have a strategy to somehow get other sites to link to you. While there are many link building methods that you may wish to try out. One time effective method to gaining popularity quickly is Blog Content Syndication or simply, content syndication. Content syndication or blog content syndication works in the same way as with article marketing. The idea is to contribute to other blogs or sites, and in exchange for the content, you will get one or two links back to your site. These links can be anywhere within the content, with your target keywords. Your target keyword phrase is very important. For instance, if you are aiming to get better rankings for a keyword, then make sure that your anchor texts should contain your keyword and not terms such as click here or read more.

The key criteria for blog syndication is to build as many inbound links as possible so that the backlinks will send traffic directly which will result in helping your site to rank well in the search engines. All the major search engines pay a lot of attention to inbound links as they factor in the backlinks value as well. Blog Content Syndication is still a fairly new concept but has worked wonders to the early adopters. The idea of posting content on other blogs and websites is not new. You can post your links on other blogs by blog commenting, or by being a guest author.  Content Syndication works in a similar fashion as article marketing, in that  you get your content out to as many relevant blogs as possible. Which in return will help drive targeted traffic to your blog, and help you achieve the search engine rankings that you want. In order to understand content syndication one needs to know how article marketing works.

What is article marketing

Many affiliate marketers are already very familiar with article marketing. Here is how article marketing works. When you write an original and unique article and submit it to an article directory. Once the article is approved and indexed the URL to your article in the article directory tends to be ranked higher. This forms the funnel for traffic that eventually leads to your site from the links that you have included in your articles or in your author profile.

Instead of spending a lot of time trying to manually submit your content to various article directories, using an automated tool such as WP Syndicator helps to completely eliminate the manual labor and costs. We mention costs because there are lots of companies that offer similar services disguised as offering to build you more backlinks and so on. Making use of a tool such as WP Syndicator helps affiliate marketers whose websites are hosted using WordPress to completely reduce costs and time as well.

Content syndication is nothing but having your written content distributed on a massive scale. WP Syndicator does an superb job in doing this and is recommended to use if you are serious about Search engine optimization. There are many sites such as Articlesbase, ezinearticles as well as social bookmarking tools where publishing your content will help in building backlinks as well as traffic, however it is quite time consuming if you have to submit to at least 30 such directories. The advantage of blog or content syndication is that you are allowed to include links in your content when you submit your articles to blog. This type of links are also known as in-content links and is a very effective method of driving traffic. If you use the right blog network, you should be very happy with the results. Some marketers call this article marketing 2.0.

While there are many ways in order to syndicate or distribute your content WP Syndicator is a recommended wordpress plugin. WP Syndicator operates with WordPress self hosted websites and is one of the easiest ways for content syndication.

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