Monday, February 17, 2020

What to look for in a binary options affiliate program

what to choose?Affiliate programs have quickly become the most popular way for webmasters to use traffic to their sites to make money. The amount of money however an affiliate earns depends on three main factors:

  • Amount of traffic to the affiliate site.
  • Where /how an affiliate promotes the program on his site.
  • The quality of the affiliate program itself.

In recent times there has been tremendous growth in the binary options industry thus giving rise to a lot of binary options affiliate program. At the outset, binary options are the simpler versions of forex that also give out fast returns in a short period of time. Unlike forex, it is less complicated, has a lower entry point in terms of minimum deposits and lesser hassles in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Further more with binary options trading being available as a web-only interface it makes it even more easier to promote binary options.

But with so many binary options affiliate programs available, how do binary options affiliates choose which binary options affiliate program to promote?

There are some key points to bear in mind while promoting binary options affiliate programs and we list out some of the most critical.

Research on the offer

Before a binary options webmaster promotes a binary options affiliate program one needs to do thorough research into the initial incentives such brands give out. The fact that almost all binary options offer the same program due research needs to be made into the initial bonus offers that are given out as this might be one of the reasons which will help you to promote a binary options brand more effectively.

Get the context

Binary options affiliates should also research well into the binary options affiliate program they promote as most tend to be an offshoot white labeled product of either Tradologic or Spotoption. One question to ask yourself is, if you were approached by two binary options brands that are whitelabelled from the same company, would it make any sense to promote pretty much the same product? It would only end up confusing your website visitors.


Recently, in the binary options industry lot of binary options programs have been set up with a focus to be a local market leaders. Look out for such programs which apart from being unique to the markets or regions they target. If you are a webmaster who specializes in a certain region or markets, for example French or Italian, it makes more business sense to promote such a binary options program that caters to the markets/regions you are focusing on.

Payment Methods

You can have a great brand but without the proper payment methods it would be futile. Pay due attention to the deposit and withdrawal methods offered by the binary options program that you promote. Most binary options brands by default make use of Credit Cards, eWallet systems as deposit methods and bank wire as a common withdrawal means.

Marketing Tools

It would be nice to actually have a binary options program offer real-time widgets to make the conversion process a lot more effective. However, we can’t have everything. For now, binary options affiliates have to suffice with making use of banners and text links.


The eternal debate arises. CPA or Revenue share. As with any affiliate program, binary options affiliates need to look at their site traffic to know what binary options affiliate commission model would suit them best. With CPA’s ranging between $200 – $300 for a minimum deposit of $100 it might seem as a lucrative deal. However this is best suited for traders who only make small deposits or do not trade big. If you enjoy a traffic where there is a high potential of traders then Revenue share is definitely the best way to go.

In conclusion, the binary options affiliate industry is just evolving and affiliates can expect to see quite some heavy competition. Make your choices wisely. ForexAffiliates Review has a comprehensive list of the most legit and trusted binary options affiliate programs.


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