Monday, February 17, 2020

When promoting forex becomes complicated

Alright, so you promote forex and you are making a decent commission from the brokers you promote. If you’re actively involved in promoting forex, by and large your interaction with the forex affiliate program would be to:

1. Go to the forex affiliate URL
2. Enter your login details
3. Check stats
4. Check for new banners
5. Copy paste the code

….. and voila!

Well, it’s that easy for some forex affiliate programs though. Here at Forex Affiliates Review, we practically go through each and every forex affiliate program that perhaps deserves a mention.. both for good or bad reasons. One such forex affiliate program that caught our attention was Instaforex Partner Cabinet.

InstaForex Partner Login

InstaForex Partner Login

From the first impressions, the word ‘Partner Cabinet’ sounds a bit too complicated. Anyways, for the tech savvy forex affiliates this wouldn’t really be a bother. So moving on, you are faced with the login screen and the text above confuses you a bit more, if you weren’t confused already remebering the URL. “Please remember that you should use password of dollar-denominated affiliate account as password for login, so for changing password of your partner’s cabinet you have to change the password of dollar-denominated affiliate account in trading terminal.” So you go back to your inbox and search and finally come up with the welcome email Instaforex Partners sent you and you are faced with a bunch of complicated codes and passwords. To make is easy for you, as an Instaforex partner, you have:

  • account for charge commission in USD
  • account for charge commission in EURO
  • Pin-code for withdrawing funds
  • Phone password
  • And a very complicated/hard to remember URL
InstaForex Affiliate Email

InstaForex Affiliate Email

Now this makes one wonder if you are logging in to your internet banking or if this level of complication is required just to login and check your stats.

Let’s face it, if you are actively promoting forex, then you would at the very least sign up with an average of at least 3 forex affiliate programs. This means, you need to remember three different usernames and passwords (if you do not use a common login/password).

And then you are faced with something such as this.. and it makes you wonder.

Well, the question is.. would you promote a forex broker that requires you to remember different passwords and to top it all, have an affiliate interface that is quite ridiculous?

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