Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Five Must Have WordPress Plugins for Forex Affiliates

wordpress_pluginWe cannot re-iterate on how easy and simple it is for anyone with a basic knowledge about cpanel, sql amongst a few other things to get started with wordpress to host their own websites. WordPress, makes for an easy to use CMS/Blogging platform and this convenience is seen no better than with forex affiliates. The famous five minute installation (actually it takes much less than five minutes) allows anyone to get started with wordpress and sets them on course to developing their own website promoting forex affiliate programs.

One of the biggest advantages with wordpress comes from the fact that its simple to use and can be stretched beyond its core purpose (which is blogging), largely thanks to the vast developer ecosystem that has been growing over ages. Often referred to as plugins, they make life a whole lot easier and adds the much needed functionality to transform your website to a wiki, a review site, a social bookmarking site, a blog and well, anything that you can imagine.

Without much further ado, we present the five must have wordpress plugins for forex affiliate websites.

#1 WordPress SEO (yoast)

SEO must and should be the basic fundamental steps when developing your website. WordPress SEO from yoast is the starting point. Offering a great set of tools, when used correctly, i.e: setting up the right configuration such as the title tags, keywords, descriptions and so on, the wordpress SEO plugin can help push your site in the search rankings.

Sure, there are many more wordpress seo plugins available today, but bear in mind that wordpress seo by yoast dates back to the good old days yet is updated taking into account Google’s ever changing algorithms.

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#2 WP Review Engine

Who doesn’t like to put up reviews? Especially if you are into the forex, binary options niche. Managing the reviews is one part of things, getting them to show up on Google is something else. WP Review Engine, a tried and tested plugin does just that. Not only can you create categories under which you want to review the brokers, you can also allow your website visitors to rate the brokers as well. And it doesn’t end there. The ratings can potentially show up under Google’s rich snippets (those eye catching stars you get to see) which can potentially compel the average search visitor to click on your site instead of your competitors.

WP Review Engine

Build your own forex review site

WP Review Engine is priced at $99.95 for a single site license. But don’t let the price worry you. Featuring monthly discounts and more, you can manage to grab a copy of WP Review Engine for as low as $69.97.

#3 Comment Spam

WordPress users often face a larger issue than those using Joomla or Drupal; comment spam. Base this on the open system WordPress uses, leaving it vulnerable to many bots that can automatically post spam comments, clogging up your bandwidth and also your time in deleting those useless comments. Thankfully however, by using a selection of plugins, wordpress users can get rid of the comment spam problem.

Akismet is one of the oldest serving plugin used to take control of spam comment and is one of the default wordpress plugins that ships with a fresh install. Sign up for a free account and put in your Akismet API key and you are done. As a second layer of protection against comment spam, make use of Re-Captcha to make it harder for comment spammers to get their way through. And if this still doesn’t do its job, install the WP Ban plugin which allows you to directly ban the offending IP, host name or referring URL. Also be careful as you could potentially end up banning yourself if you enter in your own IP address. And lastly, you can also use WordPress’ Bad Behaviour Plugin, which does the job it is intended to do.

A note of caution: Practically, making use of recaptcha with akismet blocks most of the spam comments. If you become too aggressive in using more than two plugins to manage your comment spam would end up causing a block to regular/legit users who want to comment on your blog.

#4 Site Analytics

Let’s face it, Google Analytics maybe the most preferred website analytics tool available, but it just doesn’t give you enough data. Ever got  frustrated on seeing the keyword not set message? StatCounter offers real time analytics for your website that allows you to drill into the important aspects such as incoming keywords, referring URL’s, exit links and much more. FREE of cost, you can either install the code straight after registering your website or make use of this wordpress plugin from Statcounter to start tracking visitors to your website.

#5 WordPress Bulletproof Security

Security of a website is sadly takes least priority for most webmasters until their site has been hacked. Prevention is better than cure, and no better way than to make use of WordPress BulletProof security which protects your site against malicious scripts, code injections and more by re-writing the .htaccess files. With the BulletProof security plugin, you can also easily manage redirection of URL’s without having to edit the core htaccess files.

To conclude, wordpress offers a quick and easy set up with the functionality to scale up your websites as your traffic grows. Focusing on securing the core elements of a website as mentioned in the article will help you to build a website that will grow along with your traffic.

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