Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How to host wordpress sites on a PC

serverpress-coverWe love WordPress! As part of the wordpress tips section, this article introduces you to an amazing piece of software called Serverpress. Using Serverpress, you can now host your wordpress site locally with a .dev extention.

One of the biggest problems faced by affiliate marketers, especially those that are independent is that it can be a bit of a hassle if you want to test a new theme or perhaps some plugins as well in order to avoid any conflicts on the main site. Of course, you can create a subdomain and use it as a developer site in order to do your testing, but if you are concerned about bandwidth, disk space and so on, you can’t scale it much. This is where Serverpress comes to the rescue. The ability to host and run wordpress sites on your very own PC or Laptop… and it works perfectly fine on Windows machines.

What is Serverpress

Serverpress was created by a developer named Stephen. A California based computer programmer and graphic designer that has been consulting, developing, and maintaining web & software applications for well over ten years. Serverpress can be used to host not just wordpress sites, but even extends to Buddypress and bbpress. It is very light weight as compared to Microsoft’s Web Platform installer or Web Matrix, and doesn’t require much resources. Serverpress runs off the XAMPP framework (Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, PHP and Perl).

The product offered by Serverpress is called Desktop Server. This is an intuitive windows interface that quickly allows you to host a wordpress site with a .dev extention. This is useful when you want to test a new theme or plugin on a developer platform and iron out any bugs that you might come across. DesktopServer is available in both free and paid versions. For the skeptics, the free version is more than enough to get the job done. The only downside to the free version is that features such as automatic exporting is disabled. However, you can get around this by simply uploading the required folders via FTP.

Serverpress’ DeskTop Server is one of the best light weight tools that is easy for use for both experienced as well as complete beginners to WordPress. The visual interface is ideal and doesn’t eat up much into your resources either.

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