Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Why affiliate marketers love wordpress

wordpress-loveCMS is a great way to empower your website with a number of wonderful features. A content management system allows you to manage and edit the content of your website as per your own liking. It is not necessary to have the technical knowledge to handle any CMS. Thanks to CMS editing the site’s content is no longer a cumbersome process where you had to send the edited content to a programmer who would then change it accordingly.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS platform that initially started off as a self hosted solution for bloggers. WordPress quickly grew in popularity, largely thanks to the internet marketers who quickly started developing an eco-system around wordpress.

At it’s basic level, WordPress might not seem much, but once you start exploring the world of plugins and hacks, wordpress can become a formidable platform. WordPress is recommend for individuals, practitioners, and small businesses with requirement to keep their web information current, fresh and excitingly up to date.

This article looks at the strengths of WordPress and how to get started with it. Many historic web sites can only be described as “tomb stone” sites containing static information painstakingly carved into stone and erected as a grave-yard monument never again to be visited. WordPress has changed that. If earlier on, webmasters were required to spend huge amounts of their times coding and designing a website, when instead they should be focusing on marketing or writing content. WordPress has changed all that and much more.

With the popularity of social networking sites such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on, a new generation of web technologies have evolved which laid out new set of expectations. Websites are no longer seen as static but rich in content and interactive. WordPress attempts and does a good job in responding to these expectations.

Here are give reasons why should give wordpress a go.

WordPress is free

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that is shared for free. You can use as many copies of WordPress on your sites as you like. In addition you can customize the source code to meet your needs if you have some experience in coding.

Customizable. Have you ever encountered two WordPress sites that look identical? I guess not. This is because WordPress is so flexible that you can change almost anything regarding the design and layout easily even if you do not know what HTML is. This is one of the most appealing features of WordPress that makes it so popular among millions of bloggers. From using wordpress as a personal blog to hosting large content sites, wordpress can be twisted, turned and yet will remain strong.

Designing wordpress sites is limited only by your imagination

There are thousands of wordpress themes to use to suite every business, individual and even personal tastes. That is a really good thing to have, which makes it easy to find a theme that is related to the topic of your blog. If you plan to spend some money, you can buy really nice looking themes and have a new one created if you can not find the exact theme you are looking for.

Twist, turn, it won’t break

Plugins are what makes life easier with WordPress and gives it so much power. As WordPress is open source, each day new plugins are released into the wordpress repository. Some of them are free and some are paid. From contact forms to social bookmarking tools and SEO, WordPress now has a great archive of plugins each designed to serve a specific need. This is one of the most powerful aspects of WordPress.

Some plug-ins allow you to change certain settings, so you can make them even more effective. Not all plug-ins are designed for your visitors though they can certainly improve their experience

Search engine friendly

WordPress is search engine friendly. Google loves WordPress and sites created by WordPress are indexed fast and rank well. Being already SEO friendly, in addition, there are lots of plugins that are used to make it better.

Even though WordPress makes it easy, glitches are still possible.So, you now have an idea of how to set up a WordPress blog, in general, and how to set it up to make money. The key is to get started right away. While it may seem complicated, it’s not all that difficult once you start getting into it. On the other hand, it’s good to know that there are people out there who understand all of the ins and outs of how set it all up… they can be a real lifesaver!

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