Tuesday, September 17, 2019

anyOption Affiliate Manager Interview

anyoptionHello Barbara, could you give us a brief background about anyOption and the anyOption affiliate program. Where the company is based, when was the company established

anyoption is an international binary options trading platform that was launched in February 2009 and registered in Cyprus. anyOption offers binary options on over 61 underlying assets covering the USA, European, South American, Asian and Middle Eastern markets, making it an extremely diverse and internationally attractive site that does not require software downloading.

anyOption Partners Program allows affiliates to benefit from high conversion rates and customer value. Our program offers Revenue Share and CPA commission plans. We work with a sophisticated affiliate system and we are open to international customers.

Most affiliates get confused with binary options trading and forex trading. Could you give us some differences between forex and binary trading?

Trading binary options does not include commission fees and the trader may purchase the option at a spot prince, with no spread, pips, etc.. For currency pairs the expiry level is equal to the sum of the ASK value and the BID value, divided by two.

Binary options trading does not use leverage, thus minimizing risks for the investor. We offer different assets to trade on : Currency pairs like in Forex, Indices, Commodities and stocks, and the platform is 100% online based with no download requirements.

What are the commission structures that you offer for new affiliates joining the anyOption affiliate program? And what do you think are the pros and cons of the different structures that you offer.

We offer Revenue Share and CPA commission plans from 20% onwards and CPA’s starting at $200

We also offer a Master Affiliate plan in which the master affiliate receives 2.5% from the sub affiliate performance. Like in every affiliate program CPA and Revenue share plans have pros and cons, which is why each affiliate understands and identifies which commission plan suites them best.

For example, CPA will be great for an affiliate bringing a lot of customers and who are not concerned with the quality of the customers. On the contrary, an affiliate who has Revenue Share is someone who brings valued customers and understands that they will earn higher commission based on the performance of their customers.

Do you think a seasoned forex trader would switch to binary options trading? Please elaborate!

It is very common to see seasoned forex traders use binary options trading. More and more brokers are finding solutions for their clients with anyoption. We believe that we are a complimentary product to forex since we see many forex customers trading also on our platform, especially since we provide investors the opportunity to trade currency pairs as well as other assets and use unique trading techniques.

What advice would you give a new affiliate joining the anyOption affiliate program? What can they do to monetize their site better?

We advise our affiliates to adapt their campaign(s) accordingly- to the type of traffic and audience they are appealing to. If you have a forex website, it will be more impactful to explain the pros of trading binary options especially if they are outreaching to people specifically a part of this industry. However, if you have a website and have traffic that generally have no financial background/knowledge, then adding informational text such as a step-by-step guide to binary options trading will be more suitable to generate activity.

In forex trading the commissions are based on the spreads. How are the commissions calculated for binary trading?

There are no spreads in binary options trading like there exists in forex. anyOption does not take a commission from the trader. At anyOption, the expiry level in pair currencies is equal to the sum of the ASK value and the BID value, divided by two [(ASK+BID)/2]. The result is rounded up in the event that the (NUMBER. E.g. 5th) decimal digit is 5 or bigger, and rounded down in the event that the last decimal digit is 4 or lower.

From your experience, could you list 3 factors that you notice from affiliates generating commissions and something new affiliates could learn from?

  • Try several campaigns to generate more activity and identify what works best for your conversions
  • Include text about anyoption product on your website so customers know what to expect when they enter our website
  • Put anyoption on a prominent location on your website and create a new category for binary options on the same website

Forex and binary trading is slowly becoming more recognized. Where do you see this industry over the next couple of years?

We foresee the binary options industry emerging like forex did years ago when it first entered the financial market. We see a lot of traffic from diverse segments converting to binary options customers. Additionally, the organic search results for binary options related keywords have substantially risen and we see a huge difference between searches since anyOption’s inception. Furthermore, we welcome our new competition who is offering a similar product.

How often do you pay out to your affiliates? Is there a minimum payout? What are the payout methods (PayPal/Moneybookers/etc)?

Affiliates receive their earnings on the 15th of every month, for the commission earned during the previous calendar month. Minimum payout is $100. Payout methods include: PayPal, Moneybookers, Bank Wire Transfer and anyOption user accounts.

Do you have any restrictions on anyoption? Ex: Do you allow traders from all over the world or do you have any restricted countries? If yes, please elaborate. What languages do you offer the anyoption product in, that affiliates can use to geo target to their traffic?

anyoption accepts traders worldwide. Currently, the website is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German, Turkish and very soon Russian. Our customer service personnel are also multilingual. This is a benefit for affiliates who may target traffic from all over the world.

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