Sunday, January 26, 2020 – Affiliate Manager Interview

In the BW SpotlightCan you give us some context and background about

Binary is the internet’s first multi-brand affiliate program dedicated to binary options. We launched our program in 2009 and since then have added several brokers and products as well as a host of features designed to help affiliates achieve optimum results. Our company was founded by a group of friends with an interest in binary options and affiliate marketing. is indeed the very first affiliate network focusing on binary options niche. What is it about the binary options industry that made you take the decision to set up a dedicated network?

Having learned about the concept of binary options early on we did some homework and decided that given time and further development binary options could be a great trading product making it of interest to affiliates from around the world.

Could you elaborate on BinaryOptionsSchool and BinaryOptionsSignals and any tips on how affiliates can promote these products

Trading signals and professional courses are two products that binary options traders are looking for and each of these offers affiliates a unique chance to earn more from their traffic.

Since all our products are fully integrated, an affiliate sending traffic to signals for example will receive their usual CPA if a visitor to the signals site goes on to open an account at one of the integrated brokers on that site. (And earn from any course or signals sale of course).

Both signals and courses can also now be offered as incentives to visitors for them to open an account at one of our recommended brokers and as per usual the affiliate sending the traffic will get credit for the broker conversion.

What advice would you give to new affiliates who are interested to promote binary options

My main advice would be to take a moment to understand binary options so that you can market them in the right way to your audience. Case in point would be our binary pair options broker Stockpair. They have launched a great feature allowing you to sell fixed options prior to expiry. By understanding the benefits of this to traders an affiliate can optimize their campaign to their specific audience.

As always we are happy to assist with this and we provide tools and specific information that will help with achieving better results from different sources of traffic

From your perspective, what makes an affiliate program good and how does compare in that perspective

Well, there are a number of aspects I consider to be vital for a good affiliate program and I think the foremost of these is to be paying affiliates not only on time but in a fair and correct way. Personal support and building long term relationships with affiliates I also consider to be of paramount importance and needless to say an affiliate program should offer real time statistics especially given this day and age!

Could you elaborate more on the unique profit sharing model that is offered only from and how can affiliates take advantage of this model?

I think BinaryAffiliates revenue sharing model can easily be described as a cooperative model and in fact every affiliate takes advantage of this model from the moment they sign up and regardless of the amount of traffic that they send.

By cooperative model I mean that we will increase base CPA’s for all our affiliates whenever we achieve new milestones with the brokers that we offer and this is something that we have been doing since day one. model is simple, the more traffic we send overall the higher CPA’s we can afford to pay our affiliates. An affiliate sending one trader will benefit as will one that sends 100 traders per month. (And we have several of those achieving this target on a regular basis)

AnyOption, one of the binary options brands that you promote also has an affiliate program. Why should affiliates choose to promote AnyOption from BinaryAffiliates

This leads on from the last question and the answer is simple. A large network generates more traffic and the more traffic we send overall the better deals we can secure resulting in the forementioned higher CPA’s for every affiliate. And of course unlike AnyOption BinaryAffiliates provide real time stats, unlimited tracking codes and unique tools to help increase conversions

From your perspective, what are the geographic regions that affiliates could target that has a high potential for conversions

StockPair: US, France, Canada, Germany, UK, Spain and Latin America, Australia, South Africa, Bahrain, Arab emirates and the Gulf countries.

AnyOption: France, Us, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Belgium, Malaysia, Bahrain.

OptionRally: Arab Emirates, Gulf countries, Bahrain, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France.

In order to promote the Binary options products from BinaryAffiliates, is it mandatory that the affiliate must have a binary options site? How can affiliates from other niches incorporate your products into their existing websites?

In order to promote our binary options products one does not need a binary options website. As I explained in Question 4 one of the key things in my opinion is to target the product to your specific audience and we are here to help affiliates do this. We have had some amazing results from not directly related traffic simply because the product was pitched the right way.

Can you give us three important tips for affiliates who are just getting started with Binary options affiliate marketing

Tip 1: Take advantage of our experience in the industry to help you achieve your goals.
Tip 2: If you are building a binary options section or website use quality content that will educate your audience.
Tip 3: Enjoy what you are doing

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