Monday, February 17, 2020

eToro Affiliate Manager Interview

Etoro_logoHi Michal, can you give us a brief corporate overview of eToro?

eToro was founded in 2007 with a vision of making forex trading accessible to a wider trading population. Since then our platform has proven that this approach is just what’s been missing in the industry. Today the eToro platform has already been downloaded by over 1.3 million customers, our active traders come from over 80 countries around the globe and eToro’s client base continues to grow at the breakneck average rate of 10-15% a month.

What are the distinctive features of eToro that gives a niche over the rest in the competition?

eToro’s design is based on the time proven maxim of less is more. Our platform makes the forex trading experience simple and user friendly. It enables novice traders to learn forex trading quickly by practicing with visual tools, and at the same time it enables experienced traders to trade comfortably with all the tools they need at their fingertips. In addition to the revolutionary design of our software, eToro has also given forex trading a current web2.0 aspect by adding a community element to our service. Our motto is “no forex trader is an island, and our clients enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences in chats, forums and other community tools.

What can new traders expect when they consider trading on eToro?

They can expect an exciting new way to trade with flexible trading condition and a wide variety of innovative tools. They can also expect to receive a warm welcome from our supportive forex community and from our customer service which includes personal account managers as well as customer care operatives. Most of all they can expect an open and transparent forex provider whose sole mission is to provide them with the best trading experience possible.

What would be your advice to new affiliates interested to promote forex?

There are a lot of affiliates that are looking to get into forex but don’t know where to begin. Basically promoting forex is not that different from promoting any other online service. The key is to use your online marketing knowledge and tweak it to match the forex user. Before getting started you do of course need to get to know who the forex user is, and that means getting to know forex and what the user is looking for in a provider.

In many cases new forex affiliates already have a large customer base that can be converted into forex users. If this is the case the affiliate will do much better if they’re promoting a forex provider that enables novice traders get a forex education with a demo platform and learning materials. The key as always is to stand out and to have additional value over the competition. Always go for the provider that gives more trading services, more learning materials, better forex news services and extra features like eToro’s unique community tools.

Forex Affiliates, would like to know, what are the important factors to consider before choosing to sign up with a forex affiliate program?

There are a few important factors to consider. The first thing that affiliates usually go for is the commission amounts, but you have to remember that the highest commissions don’t amount to anything if you’re campaigns aren’t successful. Therefore, it’s much more important to focus on how cooperative the affiliate program is and how much the affiliate managers are willing to invest in your success. Its also very important to evaluate the creatives you’re provided with. A good affiliate program should constantly update their creative selection and provide the affiliates with more marketing materials. Then of course there’s the matter of the product you’ll be promoting. Conversion rates are key, and you should try to pick the service with the widest user demographic, or with a user demographic similar to that of your site. And of course, always read the affiliate programs Terms and Conditions.

What can affiliates expect when promoting the eToro platform?

The eToro platform is much easier to promote because of its absolute uniqueness. There are simply no other platforms out there that have eToro’s visual and educational approach. The eToro platform is extremely popular among novice traders since it enables them to learn forex quickly and to trade using visual aids to help them while they’re learning. Its also very popular among experienced traders because we provide them with a user friendly platform chockfull of useful and innovative trading tools. In short, you can expect tremendous conversion rates.

What kind of assistance/support do you provide to affiliates at eToro affiliate program?

We make sure that we discuss the affiliate’s strategy and his/her goals in promoting eToro. This we think is key in creating a long term partnership which enables us to give the affiliate better support and advice, and provides an open environment for both us and the affiliate to grow together. Our affiliate managers speak several languages and are always available via email, skype, msn and telephone. We are also very responsive to our affiliates needs and ideas and are more than willing to create special banners, content and promotions for them. Aside from that we provide our affiliates with the tools they need to analyze and optimize their results and increase their profits. Our monthly promotions also add extra incentive for our affiliates to keep reaching higher.

What factors, in your opinion sets apart the successful forex affiliate from the rest?

The successful affiliate is the affiliate that has a deep knowledge of his target users, i.e. of existing and potential forex users. The successful affiliate also works with as many marketing channels as he/she can. They have to be able to recognize problems immediately and to come up with solutions fast. To do that, they have to know how to analyze their traffic and their marketing campaigns. Above all, in order to be successful, affiliates need to be serious and committed, and that means investing both time and money into their promotions.[/answer]

What can new affiliates expect when they sign up at eToro partners, the forex affiliate program for eToro?

They can expect to be welcomed with opened arms by affiliate account managers who will do everything in their power to support them. As they discover their affiliate account they will find a huge array of creative materials such as banners widgets, videos and landing pages that are all new and innovative, and live time reports of their affiliate activity. Once they get started promoting eToro, they can most definitely expect high conversion rates as well as high payouts.

The forex affiliate industry has and is growing quite fast since the last few years. Where do you see this industry go in the next 2 to 5 years and what advice would you give to affiliates to keep up the pace?

The forex affiliate industry runs parallel to the forex industry, which means that the same changes we’re seeing in the forex industry now, will soon start affecting the forex affiliate industry as well. Right now the forex industry is becoming saturated and forex providers need to really stand out in order to make a name for themselves. I see exactly the same thing happening to the forex affiliate industry in the next few years. Affiliates and affiliate programs are really going to have to step it up just because of the sheer amount of forex affiliates out there. The more affiliates there are the harder it is to make a mark for oneself, and affiliates will really have to think outside the box in order to make an impression on their target market. All I can say, is that at eToro we’re definitely prepared.

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