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Option Range Affiliate Manager Interview

In the BW SpotlightHarry, thanks for contributing to the affiliate manager interview. Can you briefly give us a background about Option Range

Option Range was officially launched in November 2011 and uses the TradoLogic binary options trading platform which allows investors to trade on more than 30 underlying assets, while the company is registered in Cyprus. I come from a diverse financial and gaming background that included dealing with affiliates, so current and prospective affiliates can expect top notch customer support.

Option Range affiliate program offers only revenue share at the moment. Could you elaborate on this and also what if some affiliates prefer to work only on a CPA model

With a strong background in affiliate deals, we have decided to start our affiliate program by offering just revenue share deals. In the long term this is the best situation for both us and the affiliate, as we are looking to create strong relationships with the affiliates for the long term and not the short term. We feel that this model will help us establish great deals with our affiliates.

Having said that, Option Range affiliates that showcase high and quality volumes of traffic can be considered for a hybrid deal – revenue share + CPA – which is our way to reward them for their hard work

Presently the payment methods provided are limited to Bank WIRE and Check. Most affiliates prefer the eWallets such as Paypal or Moneybookers. Any plans to implement these?

We are already looking to introduce PayPal and Moneybookers as payment methods to our Option Range affiliates. I don’t want to set a time frame on this, but hopefully it will be implemented in the first half of 2012.

Option Range shows great potential of being a market leader in the Russian markets. Could you give some tips for Option Range affiliates targeting the Russian markets?

Option Range aims to become the leader in the Russian market, when it comes to online binary options, within the next 6 months. We are already getting tremendous exposure on Russian affiliate portals, and along with our press releases we have been getting a steady flow of new customers.

Option Range affiliates looking to get into the Russian market must get it right from the beginning. The site must be optimized for keywords being used in the Russian market, sometimes they don’t use the obvious keywords as someone would expect and most importantly, offer strong support in the Russian language.

What can affiliates expect when they sign up to the Option Range affiliate program

Once an affiliate registers an account with Option Range, their account will be approved within 6-8 hours, unlike other programs that might take a few days to do so. Once approved, they will receive a welcome email asking them a couple of key questions and whether they need any custom made banners. We are all about offering our affiliates the banners they need to drive more traffic and increase conversions.

We’ve seen a great increase as well as competition in the binary options industry. What in your view sets apart Option Range from the rest of the competitors.

Option Range specializes in offering binary options affiliates and traders the best possible tools they need in order to make money. Our past experience in the sector gives us a head start from companies that offer the same product but are unable to get the job done due to their lack of experience.

Could you give three tips for binary options affiliates to help them get started in promoting Option Range

First of all, set up your Option Range affiliate account, second of all, upload our banners on your website and lastly, but by no means least, use our press releases to generate unique content to add to your site. It will help you with SEO and promoting Option Range.

In terms of SEO, what would be the keywords that binary options affiliates should target in order to generate relevant traffic for the Option Range brand.

I would say that really depends on how each binary options affiliate’s website is set up, but obviously the use of the keyword Option Range, binary options, stock options, currency trading, binary options trading can be used to generate higher and better traffic.

In your view, where do you see the Binary options industry in the next two years in terms of innovation and competition.

As with all things that are profitable, the competition will intensify in the next year and I expect only the big boys to stay operational in the next 2-3 years. Innovation comes with the territory, so players can expect some great things from everyone.

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