Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Referpartners Affiliate Manager Interview

photoHello Susan, tell us a bit about ReferPartners and the business model you work on.

ReferPartners is a Forex and Binary Options Affiliate Program. The people behind ReferPartners have over 10 year’s top level experience in the Internet Marketing Industry the last 5 of which specifically at the forefront of the Finance and Forex fields… these are people involved in internet marketing when the only way to access the internet was through dial up modem! ReferPartners have taken this knowledge and experience to ensure we deliver genuine value via an intimate understanding of the specific needs of the finance affiliate.

What are the brands that you promote presently and what’s the unique selling proposition from ReferPartners (why should affiliates sign up to ReferPartners?)

The huge increase in the fast expanding Binary Options Market led us to OptionFair, who we believe are offering our affiliates the greatest opportunities to earn money. ReferPartners are the exclusive affiliate program partner to OptionFair and we are proud to be solely responsible for the promotion of the leading brand in Binary Options. The growing appeal of Binary Options and its ease of use, make it something exciting, accessible and profitable for a rapidly expanding number of people. Trading in Binary Options at OptionFair means the ability to close a position at any given time, ensuring only very limited risk to its traders. OptionFair have the exclusive selling proposition that they are the only platform which allows you to choose both or either side of the pricing range, all of which in fair market value. Then there is the market leading return of up 85% available within just minutes with little or no trading experience. It really is so simple that anyone can trade and make the 85% return giving it a mass appeal unseen of in the Finance Industry. Binary Options, because of its simplicity and high rewards successfully manages to appeal to all levels of investors, from the complete novice to the knowledgeable pro, making this a fresh and exciting market to be in.

At ReferPartners I am one of a team of dedicated affiliate account managers, committed to help optimize the revenues of our partners Affiliates signing up to ReferPartners know they are getting some of the best commission plans found anywhere in the industry, tailored specifically for the lucrative Forex and Binary Options market. They also know they are getting the personal support and assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals as well as unlimited use of a set of creative and powerful Marketing Tools that have proven high conversion rates.

What commission models do you work with and what brands do you associate yourself with.

As mentioned previously ReferPartners is the exclusive affiliate program partner to OptionFair. A top Forex brand is being planned allowing ReferPartners to be perfect One-Stop Shop when it comes to Affiliate Programs, but at the moment we are very excited about OptionFair and the Binary Option market. We truly believe they represent the greatest opportunities for our affiliates both now and in the long term.
With regards to commission plans, ReferPartners can boast some of the most competitive and forward thinking commission plans found anywhere within the industry. We have attractive CPA and Revenue Share Plans with excellent commissions providing an unlimited revenue stream for our affiliates. Something I am very proud to offer my affiliates is our Hybrid Deals, combining the CPA and Revenue Sharing Plans and allowing me and our other Affiliate Account Managers at ReferPartners to arrange unique commission solutions tailored specifically for individual businesses. Contact me to see what I can do for you and those already signed up elsewhere, let me know what commission plans you are receiving and I will see what I can do, such is our flexibility and our commitment to provide the individual solutions designed specifically to optimize the revenues of our affiliates.

What can affiliates expect to see when they sign up with ReferPartners

Affiliates at ReferPartners can expect to see a wide array of powerful and creative Marketing Tools at their disposal and of course the unflinching commitment of the Affiliate Account Managers, like myself, to help maximize the affiliates income. Our unique and transparent reporting system provides daily updates designed to aid and assist the affiliate and we are very much one of the first and only affiliate program to provide such a specific and comprehensive reporting system.

What payment methods do you use for paying out to affiliates and how often do you pay out.

Payment is monthly and we understand the needs of the affiliate which is why we always endeavor to ensure payments are accurate and on time. Currently we offer payment through Bank Wire, Paypal and MoneyBookers with more options being planned. We are always happy to add more payment options as per the needs of the affiliate, so if you have a payment method you prefer that is not listed, let me know, as there is every chance I can get it added to the list. The payout minimum amount is $100

What do you think are the key elements to a successful affiliate program and how does ReferPartners reflect that in their daily business

The key elements to a successful affiliate program are definitely having an understanding of the specific needs of the individual affiliate. There has to be strong and successful Marketing Tools backed up by an account manager there to help the affiliate optimize their revenue. What we have done at ReferPartners is be one of the first to provide a reporting system with parameters unique to our industry. The transparent daily reports are designed with only the Forex and Binary Options in mind and greatly aid the affiliate. Of course a successful affiliate will have to offer desirable commission plans and have the brands to match, as we do at ReferPartners, but often it is the little things; like staying in contact, seeing if needs change, and getting the feedback which can make all the difference.

Could you give out some tips from your experience with top performing affiliates at ReferPartners and something that could help new affiliates joining ReferPartners

The first pieces of advice I would give, would be to persevere and don’t be afraid to experiment. Target the traffic that is going to bring in the results and make sure that you have the content to draw visitors in and keep them coming back. Oh and finally, don’t be afraid to ask our affiliate managers for help. There are lots of ways I and the other affiliate account managers can aid our affiliates at every level. So be sure to ask!

As a professional in the forex industry, how do you see the forex industry will develop in the coming years?

The forex industry is only going to get bigger and better. But it is what we are seeing in the Binary Options market at the moment that excites me most. We are only seeing the very the tip of the iceberg. The huge, mass appeal of Binary Options means the people that might have been a little intimidated by the Forex but still excited by it, have an outlet in Binary Options. This is very much the new evolution in the Finance Industry and we are very excited to be at the forefront of it all as it reaches new, greater heights.

Lastly, tell us a few things that you love about your job as an affiliate manager with ReferPartners.

I’d like to say the money, the travel and the exotic jet setting lifestyle but that wouldn’t be strictly true. Truthfully, I love working in this exciting environment, always interesting and never a dull moment. It is always pleasing to see the commissions of my affiliates grow and keep on growing and after working in the Forex industry for the few years where competition is plentiful, having this new and exciting Binary Option Market to offer affiliates really is a breath of fresh air. It’s an exciting challenge, greatly helped by having a product I believe in. I also get to communicate with interesting people from all around the world who tell me what their exotic countries are like… which is nearly as good as visiting them…. Or so I keep on telling myself anyway.

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