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BinaryAffiliates Review

BinaryAffiliates is an affiliate program dedicated to the binary options affiliate niche. BinaryAffiliates offers four brands for affiliates promote. Namely, OptionRally, StockPair, NRGbinary and Bloombex Options signals.  They operate on a CPA commission models.

BinaryAffiliates was set up in early 2009 and is registered under Competico Ltd, an Isle of Man company with an administrative office in the UK (IFG House, 15 Union St., St Helier, Jersey, JE23RF, United Kingdom).

Brands To Promote

BinaryAffiliates offers four different products within the binary options niche, thus making a good and diversified portfolio. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that affiliates can promote all four brands without any of them conflicting with one other.

Details on the different brands are as follows:

StockPair: Stockpair is the very first company that offers online Pair Options trading. Trading Pair Options is a simple yet innovative way for customers to make money by simply predicting which stock from within the given stock pair would perform better. For example, if you were to trade the pair Google vs. Apple, all you need to do is predict which of those two pair would outperform the other. The advantage of pair options trading is that it’s not based on the general market outlook, but rather takes a closer look at the pair itself. Trading pair options is a fun and relaxing way to trade in the financial markets and is comfortable for even first timers. This makes Stockpair an easy to promote brand from BinaryAffiliates. Getting conversions shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Commission Model: $200 CPA

Bloombex Options: They are a trading platform offering lots of binary options, including forex. Special trading features, free educational tools and promotions are offered.

Commission Model: Affiliates earn $300 CPA for every new depositor they refer.

NRGbinary: An internationally renowned private trading company. What makes it different is it’s long standing performance ratings. This is proven with transparent accounts and a statistics page for each trader. This means that traders can continually learn from and track their performances.

Commission Model: $275 CPA.

OptionRally: Considered to be a strong brand within the binary options niche, OptionRally offers binary options trading for its clients in forex, commodities, indices and stocks. With daily market updates, OptionRally focuses on regions such as UK, Spain, Canada, Australia and Bahrain.

Commission Model: Affiliates earn $200 CPA for traders referred to OptionRally.

BinaryAffiliates Unique Profit Sharing Model

BinaryAffiliates also has another unique way for affiliates to earn money.

Every month they set up affiliate targets that must be achieved by all affiliates combined. In the event that the targets are met BinaryAffiliates increases the CPA deals for all its affiliates over all the brands that they promote.

To explain this better, if the goal is 50 traders per month vy the 10th day of the month, then if that number is hit BinaryAffiliates increases the CPA amount for the rest of the money, from that point forward. Which means that if the previous CPA rate was $150, then upon reaching the targets, the CPA is now increased to $200 and so on.

BinaryAffiliates is perhaps the only affiliate program in the industry that offers an aggregated target/performance based CPA. This makes it ideal even for first time affiliates to join  and benefit from the performance of other established affiliates from within the network.

Affiliate Program Review

Signing up to the program is very simple and easy. Affiliate accounts are approved within 24 hours and you can get started immediately. The marketing tools inventory is categorized based on the brands available. The banners are available in the standard IAB sizes and includes additional links to landing pages, guides, trade simulators and much more.

And, most importantly for smart affiliates, they offer a good portfolio of banners and other marketing inventory in English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish and many other languages with .

2nd Tier Commissions

BinaryAffiliates also offers a 2nd tier affiliate program. Affiliates can earn 5% of the revenue generated from the sub-affiliates they refer. Available only in English however, they offer a decent selection of banners in gif/flash format to promote the affiliate program. – Conclusion

BinaryAffiliates is indeed a unique affiliate program. The selection of brands makes it easy for affiliates to get started quickly. The unique profit sharing model makes it easy for first time affiliates to join and start making profits immediately. The selection of languages for each of the products is good, meaning that regional affiliates can also participate in this program.

Being a registered company along with good affiliate support makes BinaryAffiliates an ideal binary options program to partner with.

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