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EmpireMoney Review

empire-moneyEmpireMoney is the affiliate program for RoyalCM, a forex platform and EmpireOption catering to binary options traders. The program offers renowned forex and binary options brands to its customers and has an extensive set of innovative marketing tools that guarantee the best conversion to affiliates. With its attractive 2.0 design and user-friendly panel, users can easily take advantage of Empire Money’s tools to maximize traffic performance.

EmpireMoney – Brands to promote

Empire Money is the official affiliate program of two brands: Royal CM, an online forex platform powered by etoro; and EmpireOption, a binary option platform that is quite strong in the french markets besides a leader in binary options brokers in Spainish and Latam regions.

Secondly, Empire Money offers reknowned brands, and, both leaders in the forex and binary options industries respectively.

EmpireMoney – Affiliate Commission Models

EmpireMoney offers three types of commission models for their affiliates.

  • CPA starts from $115 up to $175 for each new trader referred
  • Revenue share starts from 25% up to 40% based on the number of traders referred every month
  • EmpireMoney also offers an affiliate referral commission plan. Under this model, affiliates under the CPA are paid $5 for every referred trader from the sub affiliate under the CPA plan and 5% of the total commissions for affiliates under revenue share
  • Cost Per lead is also an option offered by EmpireMoney and is subject to change based on the country of the referral
  • Customized deals are offered to affiliates on a case by case basis. Refer to the contact details at the end of this review to get in touch with the EmpireOption team to discuss the custom affiliate deals

EmpireMoney Marketing tools

One of the major differences of EmpireMoney with other brands in the online financial industry is its array of innovative tools for affiliates. The program not only offers its own products in the binary options and forex fields, it also provides a complete suite of in-house developed marketing tools and creatives, that add a plus to the usual set of tools you can find in other programs. All of the creatives and tools are Geo-ip, allowing affiliates to target their traffic more easily. These include: geo-ip banners in Gif and Flash, simple tracking links, text links, customized landing pages, html mailers, newsletters, intext ads, etc.

Affiliate Widgets – EmpireMoney

EmpireMoney is perhaps one of the very few affiliate programs that offers widgets, promoting the binary options brand, EmpireOption. The widgets are a great way to convert traffic, working even better at times than traditional banners. The marketing section is updated on a monthly basis including geo-ip targeted banners, intelligent banner rotation (based on conversion rate or CTR) and affiliate rewards center.

EmpireMoney – Intext Widget

One revolutionary concept offered in Empire Money is the Intext tool, developed in-house to adapt to the online forex and binary options markets. With its user friendly integration, it only displays relevant ads according to the affiliates’ sites, with the possibility of uploading images, banners, feeds and video.

EmpireMoney – Intext Tool

EmpireMoney – Affiliate System

Signing up to the EmpireMoney affiliate program is quite straight forward. Upon completing your registration, affiliates receive an email confirmation link in order to activate the affiliate account. The EmpireMoney affiliate dashboard offers a snapshot of the referral activity for the currency month along with latest news from EmpireMoney.

The affiliate system is quite innovative yet easy to use. Various sections on the top of the page make it easy to navigate to sections such as stats, marketing tools, billing, help and more.

EmpireMoney – Payment Methods

  • Neteller ($35 minimum)
  • MoneyBookers ($35 minimum)
  • WireTransfer ($400 minimum)

EmpireMoney – Contact & Support

Affiliate Director: Email/Msn:
Skype: gonzalo.empiremoney

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