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HotForex Affiliate Program Review

HotForex_LogoHotForexPartners Affiliate program, also known as HFaffiliates is the affiliate program for HotForex broker. ‘Your way of getting a cut from the foreign currency exchange boom’ is what the home page of the affiliate program proudly claims. Over the years, HFAffiliates has managed to improve and innovate their affiliate program, without losing focus on its affiliates.

The HotForex broker is a regulated broker based in Mauritius. Normally I’d consider that a bad sign, but they are a legible forex broker and have won many forex awards. They are quite popular in the Asian and African markets, attracting high conversions for depositing traders.

The Affiliate Program

The HotForexPartners uses a highly modified Post Affiliate Pro system which blends perfectly into their forex platform. The affiliate signup form is easy and takes just a few minutes. All affiliate registrations are approved manually within 24 hours, unless you happen to sign up over the weekend. We’ve been informed that they are looking to fix the issue of affiliate sign up activation on weekends, and it’s quite reassuring for a forex affiliate program to actually addressing the issues of the affiliates.

Earnings Model

The HotForex affiliate program offers a choice between a 60% revenue share or $250 CPA. Being a fairly new forex affiliate program not much can be said as to which of the above to affiliate earnings models would be more profitable, but if you are just starting out then it would be ideal to opt for the $250 CPA to test the waters.

There is also the option to promote the affiliate program. By referring affiliates to HotForex affiliate program, you get a decent 25% earnings. Quite a generous percentage when compared to most of the existing forex affiliate programs.

Marketing Tools

There isn’t much to the marketing tools section, except for a few banners and, of course, the tracking link.

Although the 200×200 and 250×250 banners seem to be missing, the banners are structured in a ‘offer based’ category. For example, you will find banners that promote the HotForex 1:500 leverage and you have banners that promote the $295 bonus option. However, it was quite strange to notice that the $295 bonus banners link to the sign up form and there is no indication anywhere about this bonus. The $295 bonus was clarified as a bonus trading signal (sponsored by which new traders receive when they sign up.


HotForexPartners pays out on a minimum of $100 through payout methods such as check, AlertPay, WebMoney, bank wire, or transfer to a trading account. Affiliate payments are paid out at the end of every month.


In terms of reporting, affiliates at HotForex can expect to see the standard set of reports available from the PostAffiliatePro  system.

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  1. I have deposited small amount (only $125) in my account, after many successful trades I decided to withdraw the capital and continue trading with the profits, everyday I am requesting withdraw but they were ignoring. finally they blocked me from the chat. For even such small amount they are not willing to pay, what a gang is this !!!!

  2. This broker has become more and more dishonest now. They begins to play tricks on trading —limit clients’ order executed and enlarge spreads. I tried several times before news release, they always use [off quotes] to stop me from trading. Scammer!!

  3. Poor withdrawal protocols especially with withdrawals of whole account funds. till date took more than 48 hours when their website said 2 days. putting your money in is easy and fast, but withdrawing is extremely slow or maybe neglected. i have screenshot to prove it as well. It seems to be due to ending the business with them and they simply take their own sweet time.

  4. Don;t waste your time and money, they either trade against you and make sure you don’t outsmart them. Find some other broker. I switched another broker the same day i left Hotforex and i made double than than what i had ever made there… i mean in the same day. Take it from me…dont waste your mondy. The best thing they are good at is opening you an account fast.

  5. Jeffrey C. Olivares

    This is a huge scam. They show a position is positive and when I close it, I had -$900 realized loss. Stay away from them! The customer service is really bad. I am going to move my money as soon as I can.

  6. Hotforex must be punished by regulators CySec and FSA Mauritius.Totally Scam.

  7. Hey guys, 5 reviews in 4 days and all are full of grumbling? Seems Hotforex made a good job, good enough to tick the outcry from competitors. As a fully satisfied client I must say that probably I work with one of best offshore brokerages out of there. I had also a small account at FXCM (as it’s NFA regulated) but after Swiss Francs’ blank swan I got blown out with them, losing around two 2K while no negative consequences on Hotforex’ side. I do think guys you need to think out something better to outsmart the competitor which is a step ahead from you. Taking this chance, I’d like to thank Hotforex that their perfect job and please keep up with your excellent line of services!

  8. Hotforex is one of the biggest scam.
    Deposited $600 through bank wire transfer so everything is fully documented.
    Been four weeks now of just a run-around between customer support and “finance department”. Finance department is some anonymous group that seems to have templated answers basically all saying the same thing, “we can’t find your money in our banks”.
    I have the SWIFT transfer documentation, all the details they need, but after hours of effort after 4 weeks I have lost my $600.
    Can anyone help me ??….Never spend your money here..

  9. HOTFOREX is not a professional broker. Bad services and slow execution.

  10. I recently submitted withdraw request to Hotforex and they said it is in process. But later I got a message saying that, your account has been disabled …. Without no reason they closed my account… This is the real proof of SCAMMERs

  11. I have open an account in Hotforex and apply for the bonus they give me the bonus and after i have opened positions and put my strategy depending on my balance, they withdraw the bonus and i have lose my money 1000$ when i ask them why you do that they answer the company have the right to cancel bonus without any notification, before i have open the account my friends told me that hotforex is a bad company i don’t believe now after i have been eaten i do..

  12. When I first started trading with hotforex, they were awesome, execution was perfect, tight spreads and no-requotes but after a month when I was making profit and almost tripled my account balance then everything changed; execution became terrible, i was getting slippage and frequent disconnections. Its almost impossible to trade news with them as the pending order is executed after too much delay with a slippage of sometimes more than 25 pips.

  13. The customer support is so bad. Hotforex like to terminate the chatting unexpectedly and never answer e-mails. I think this is rude. I am a new trader and they just never give me any solutions Luckily I haven’t make any deposit yet. I will never recommend this company to anybody. Sucks….

  14. Hotforex is a real scam broker.they deleted all of my profit from my history near 700$. Stay safe !!
    Dont trust Hotforex. They never give you bonus as promised and their platform is not good.

  15. I made some money with Hotforex. Thank you Hotforex. until now. Today i got email and they stole me money from my account. They said that my trading style is abusive. They are bucket shop like others. They just play game on people how good they are.

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