Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Rushbucks Affiliate Program Review

rushbucksThe Rushbucks Affiliate Program, which has been around since 2011, is the official affiliate program for TradeRush, Redwood Options, Boss Capital and Magnum Options (which accepts US traffic).

Their program interface is quite intuitive and simple to use. They have a custom built in-house affiliate program software that’s fast, simple and easy to use without the need for a large learning curve. Anyone can join Rushbucks and start promoting Traderush right now!

Rushbucks Affiliate Commissions

By default Rushbucks only offers CPA, but binary options affiliates who are interested in revshare can contact their affiliate manager to discuss this option. They are willing to offer it after you’ve been working with them for a while.

CPA payouts are as follows:

New Traders Per Month


Up to 30 $175
31 – 60 $200
61 – 90 $270
91+ $350

Affiliate Program Overview

Signing up to Rushbucks is fast and easy with the signup form just asking for basic information. The account is usually approved quickly and affiliates can start promoting all four brands in a matter of hours.

The dashboard is quite comprehensive with all the information you’d need easily available. The snapshot page shows a quick summary of the present earnings as well as other information such as clicks, registrations and so on.

The statistics section is quite detailed, with lots of features allowing affiliates to drill down the data based on their tracking codes, website, keywords, etc.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

They have a HUGE selection of banners in multiple languages. I didn’t count them, but I’d be surprised if there were less than a thousand of them.

When it comes to your choice of landing pages, Rushbucks also has a large selection.  There are about two dozen landing pages per language/brand.

Payment Methods

Rushbucks offers affiliate payouts using the following methods:

  • Moneybookers
  • Wire Transfer
  • Neteller
  • Pay2Card (for Visa and Mastercard)

2nd Tier Program

Rushbucks offers a lucrative 2nd tier affiliate program, where the referring affiliate gets 5% of the sub-affiliate’s earnings. Presently Rushbucks doesn’t offer any marketing tools to promote the affiliate program, only a referral link.

Rushbucks Affiliate Program – Conclusion

To conclude, Rushbucks affiliate program makes for an easy to use binary options affiliate program. If you’re looking to diversify the binary options brands you’re marketing, or if you need a program that accepts US traffic (the Magnum Options brand) then Rushbucks is definitely worth checking out.

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