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Forex Affiliate Terms & Conditions – 5 Tips to remember

The terms and conditions are perhaps one of the most boring and lengthy of documents ever created. In most cases, irrespective of the context, people usually tend to skip or in some cases skim through the T&C’s. If you happen to be someone who actually takes the time to read through every dotted i and crossed t, well kudos to ... Read More »

Long Tail SEO: The Gold Mine of Forex Affiliate Marketing

When Internet markets become competitive, marketers end up focusing more on niches that are less competitive. On a broad scale, this trend is how the Internet has the effect of replacing big markets with lots of small markets. For the affiliate marketer utilizing search engine optimization, this makes the imperative to focus on keywords that are increasingly niche — increasingly ... Read More »

Three Simple Ways To Increase Traffic To Forex Websites

One of the beautiful things about forex is that there is never a dull moment. As one of the few industries that has the highest turnover, it is no surprise that there is always something that is moving the markets. From Bernanke’s speech to ECB’s meeting, the forex markets are always full of action. The biggest obstacle for forex affiliates, ... Read More »

Advantages of Cloud Hosting with Affiliate Systems

We think it would be appropriate to mention HasOffers to address the issue in regards to the recent Digital River catastrophy, more specifically how it relates to DirectTrack. Most of the world already seems pretty confused about the extremely low level of redundancy described in their statement on, or if in fact the situation was caused by other factors. ... Read More »

Forex Mobile Marketing – Not Up To The Mark Yet

This article is born out of the twitter conversation with @paul_mcmanus who was enquiring about the mobile industry in the forex sector. There are lot more affiliates who would like to see some questions answered on this topic as well. It can get a bit confusing to be mislead by seeing the growth in the number of the forex trading ... Read More »

Online Trading Affiliate Programs And The iGaming Affiliate Community

With the London Affiliate Conference around the corner, there has been a lot of buzz from the online trading operators, forex brokers and binary options operators alike. As online forex trading starts to get more popular with mainstream audience, the need for such operators to diversify, seek out new affiliates from other established niches seems to be the top priority. ... Read More »

Twitter Marketing Tips For Forex Affiliate Marketers

Twitter marketing when put to use in the right way can bring a lot of benefits. Almost all niches tend to use twitter as an integral part of the overall marketing strategy, forex affiliate marketing included. Besides proving to be a good source of traffic, twitter marketing also brings value from an SEO perspective Read More »

Keyword research in forex affiliate marketing

Keyword research forms an important aspect for any website. Right from the start, when used effectively, Keyword Research can help you from choosing the right domain name to writing articles that can pull traffic. More on using keyword research effectively for forex affiliates. Read More »