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Forex Affiliate Terms & Conditions – 5 Tips to remember

The terms and conditions are perhaps one of the most boring and lengthy of documents ever created. In most cases, irrespective of the context, people usually tend to skip or in some cases skim through the T&C’s. If you happen to be someone who actually takes the time to read through every dotted i and crossed t, well kudos to ... Read More »

How to Be a Successful Affiliate

Your affiliate revenue will build over time, and some affiliate programs offer lifetime payouts also known as revenue share. If you make a conversion through your landing page, there's a chance that you could continue to make money from that one user even if they don’t visit your website again. Read More »

Time management tips for affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing is both lucrative and time consuming at the same time. Whether you are a full time affiliate or a part time affiliate, without a proper goal or time management you will not see much success. We list out a few simple tips for affiliate marketers that is certain to help increase your overall performance as an affiliate. Read More »

PPC for forex affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing using paid search engine marketing needs to be understood thoroughly or you will become quite frustrated with the process. Most individuals use first tier pay per click (PPC) search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. This article explains in-depth how to effectively use Google adwords for promoting forex products as an affiliate and talks about alternative methods to get past Google's strict policies. Read More »

Optimizing your forex affiliate sites

One particular challenge facing most affiliates, especially for affiliates promoting forex goes something like this: you sign up at a forex affiliate program, put up some banners and links on existing affiliate sites you have, and then you wait and checking your stats, hoping for signups that never come. Read More »