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AvaPartner – AvaFx Affiliate Manager Interview

Hello Ryan, thanks for participating in our affiliate manager interview. AvaPartner needs no introduction, however for the sake of our readers could you give us some background. AvaFX is a licensed and regulated European broker, and one of the fastest growing retail brokers, with 150,000 registered customers, and monthly trading volumes of around $60 billion. We offer trading in foreign ... Read More »

Affiliate marketing best practices – Sub id tracking

Sub id tracking is one of the best ways to track various campaigns an affiliate might make use of. By using sub id tracking, affiliates can be able to easily identify what marketing campaigns works best for them and also helps to improve campaigns that do not bring results. Read this article as we explain how affiliates can use the sub id tracking option offered by various forex and binary options affiliate programs. Read More »

Importance of keyword research in affiliate marketing

Keyword research is the single most important area of focus that anyone can do, in order to drive more traffic to their website, and in turn, increase the profitability of their affiliate marketing business. In this article we explain what keyword research is and how it is one of the most important factors of SEO Read More »

Forex widgets for affiliate marketers

Forex widgets are a helpful resource offered by forex affiliate programs. Forex webmasters and affiliates can make use of the forex widgets which in return can help not only to increase the forex affiliate's website's stickiness but also help in improving conversion rates for forex affiliates. Read this article to get a detailed view on the forex affiliate programs and the types of forex widgets they offer. Read More »

Improving conversion rates in forex affiliate marketing

It takes a bit more than having a good website or content to enjoy high conversion rates. One aspect that is often given low priority is the conversion rate. Most forex webmasters spend a lot of time on other factors such as content and search engine rankings (which is good) but pay little attention to the conversions on their website. Read More »

eToro Affiliate Manager Interview

Forex affiliate manager interview with Michal, the affiliate manager for eToro partners, the leading affiliate program for the eToro forex trading broker. Read this detailed interview from eToro partners and see how can promote the eToro brand better. Read More »