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Is it advisable to promote forex in the US

This legislation, refered to as the Dodd-Frank act has been making waves within the forex trading community. The Dodd-Frank act has been in the making for over a year.. The Dodd-Frank act makes it illegal for US residents to trade on forex or binary options brokers that are not regulated/licensed by CFTC or NFA. Read More »

Can a forex affiliate offer rebates

One of the most frequently asked questions by forex affiliates is whether they can offer rebates to their forex traders under their existing forex affiliate model. This article compares the differences between a forex affiliate and a forex introducing broker model and how, if needed, forex affiliates can switch to an IB account and of course answering the question as well. Read More »

What to look for in a forex or binary options affiliate program

The growth of forex and binary options industry has been tremendous. The growth of affiliate programs in forex and binary options has increased on a relative note as well. With so many forex and binary options affiliate programs, how do affiliate go about choosing the right forex or binary options affiliate program? We explain in detail on what affiliates should look for before you start promoting a forex or a binary options broker Read More »

How do you position your affiliate website?

With many products and services thus embarking on setting up their own pay for performance, affiliate marketing strategy this has given rise to many webmasters, also known as affiliates who do their bit in promoting, influencing the user in making a purchase. We ask you, the affiliate, how you position your affiliate website. Read More »

Landing pages for effective conversions

Ever wondered why your traffic wasn't converting much? Landing pages are the quintessential element in the lifecycle of process lead generation. While often used and utilized in PPC marketing, the potential of using landing pages is often undermined in affiliate marketing. Further to this not many affiliates link to an appropriate landing page either. This article takes into consideration the importance of using landing pages. Read More »

PPC for forex affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing using paid search engine marketing needs to be understood thoroughly or you will become quite frustrated with the process. Most individuals use first tier pay per click (PPC) search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. This article explains in-depth how to effectively use Google adwords for promoting forex products as an affiliate and talks about alternative methods to get past Google's strict policies. Read More »

Forex Whitelabels – Independence & Choices

One of the best ways for an IB to get around the high expense of buying a MetaTrader is to White Label this platform from a licensed White Label broker – or even better, a technology provider. If an IB wants to be truly independent, then the latter is the only way to go. Read More »

Forex affiliate marketing – Shifting gears

The first question that comes to anyone's mind is, how do you target the traffic for forex traders if you are in a different industry all together. Well, there's no over-night miracles that would see you profit from switching to forex. As an affiliate you sure would know the hardwork it takes. Forex affiliate marketing, on a very high level isn't much different from any other industry in affiliate marketing. Read More »

Introducing Broker or a Forex Affiliate?

As competitive as it gets in the forex affiliate industry, there is a thin line that divides an Introducing Broker and a Forex Affiliate. We take a look at the differences and of course the benefits of each of these commonly used forex partner types. Read More »