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Affiliate Commissions In The Forex Niche – Here’s the Math!

For most affiliates, negotiations with a broker usually focus around the commission structure. First off, if you’re even considering a revenue share deal then it’s in your best interest to understand how commissions are calculated in forex. If you are unsure, read our article on how affiliate commissions in forex are calculated. Ok, I Got It… What Next? Now that you know ... Read More »

Three Simple Ways To Increase Traffic To Forex Websites

One of the beautiful things about forex is that there is never a dull moment. As one of the few industries that has the highest turnover, it is no surprise that there is always something that is moving the markets. From Bernanke’s speech to ECB’s meeting, the forex markets are always full of action. The biggest obstacle for forex affiliates, ... Read More »

Media Buying – Build a successful Forex affiliate campaign

Media buying in forex affiliate marketing can be helpful to boost your overall revenues. From as little as $50 to no caps on how much you can spend, Media buying in forex is often a preferred route for many big companies as well as individual forex affiliates. This article discusses the various factors to consider when building a media buying campaign and the various methods available to help boost your revenues. Read More »

DirectTrack – Affiliate Marketing Platform

Regardless of the size of your company or the amount of activity flowing through your affiliate marketing system, DirectTrack offers the scalability, infrastructure, and reliability you need to grow your business. Designed for companies of all sizes, DirectTrack accurately traces billions of impressions per year. Read More »

List of free forex wordpress widgets

Given the dynamic nature of the forex industry, forex widgets have become an integral aspect for forex related websites. If you are a forex affiliate and manage a wordpress driven website then you are in luck. In this article we list some useful forex widgets for wordpress driven websites and blogs. Read More »

Making the case. Forex Affiliate Network v/s Forex Affiliate Programs

One question that comes to many affiliates/webmaster's mind is whether to join an affiliate network or to promote the brand/merchant directly. In this article, Making the case. Forex Affiliate Network v/s Forex Affiliate Programs, we present the pros and cons of joining an affiliate network and promoting a merchant directly in the forex and binary options affiliate niche. Read More »