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Long Tail SEO: The Gold Mine of Forex Affiliate Marketing

When Internet markets become competitive, marketers end up focusing more on niches that are less competitive. On a broad scale, this trend is how the Internet has the effect of replacing big markets with lots of small markets. For the affiliate marketer utilizing search engine optimization, this makes the imperative to focus on keywords that are increasingly niche — increasingly ... Read More »

Three Simple Ways To Increase Traffic To Forex Websites

One of the beautiful things about forex is that there is never a dull moment. As one of the few industries that has the highest turnover, it is no surprise that there is always something that is moving the markets. From Bernanke’s speech to ECB’s meeting, the forex markets are always full of action. The biggest obstacle for forex affiliates, ... Read More »

Keyword research in forex affiliate marketing

Keyword research forms an important aspect for any website. Right from the start, when used effectively, Keyword Research can help you from choosing the right domain name to writing articles that can pull traffic. More on using keyword research effectively for forex affiliates. Read More »

Media Buying – Build a successful Forex affiliate campaign

Media buying in forex affiliate marketing can be helpful to boost your overall revenues. From as little as $50 to no caps on how much you can spend, Media buying in forex is often a preferred route for many big companies as well as individual forex affiliates. This article discusses the various factors to consider when building a media buying campaign and the various methods available to help boost your revenues. Read More »

How to Be a Successful Affiliate

Your affiliate revenue will build over time, and some affiliate programs offer lifetime payouts also known as revenue share. If you make a conversion through your landing page, there's a chance that you could continue to make money from that one user even if they don’t visit your website again. Read More »

Is it advisable to promote forex in the US

This legislation, refered to as the Dodd-Frank act has been making waves within the forex trading community. The Dodd-Frank act has been in the making for over a year.. The Dodd-Frank act makes it illegal for US residents to trade on forex or binary options brokers that are not regulated/licensed by CFTC or NFA. Read More »

Can a forex affiliate offer rebates

One of the most frequently asked questions by forex affiliates is whether they can offer rebates to their forex traders under their existing forex affiliate model. This article compares the differences between a forex affiliate and a forex introducing broker model and how, if needed, forex affiliates can switch to an IB account and of course answering the question as well. Read More »