Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Can a forex affiliate offer rebates

One of the most frequently asked questions by forex affiliates is whether they can offer rebates to their forex traders under their existing forex affiliate model. This article compares the differences between a forex affiliate and a forex introducing broker model and how, if needed, forex affiliates can switch to an IB account and of course answering the question as well. Read More »

What are binary options affiliate programs

Binary options affiliates programs are a relatively new concept to affiliate marketing but they basically follow the same principles as with any other established affiliate programs in other industries. As with any other affiliate program, in binary options affiliate marketing, affiliates promote the various online binary options platforms through making use of marketing tools such as banners and text links that are provided with the right optimization. Read More »

Forex affiliate marketing – Shifting gears

The first question that comes to anyone's mind is, how do you target the traffic for forex traders if you are in a different industry all together. Well, there's no over-night miracles that would see you profit from switching to forex. As an affiliate you sure would know the hardwork it takes. Forex affiliate marketing, on a very high level isn't much different from any other industry in affiliate marketing. Read More »

Forex Commission Plan Reviews

ForexAffiliates Review brings you a comparison of the best forex affiliate programs in the market. We compare the forex affiliate commission plans based on factors such as the credibility of the forex affiliate program, frequency of payouts, and much more. Read More »

Forex Affiliate Deals – CPA versus Rev Share

A question often asked by many new forex affiliates is whether to choose a CPA deal or a revenue share deal. To explain briefly, a CPA also known as Cost Per Acquisition, is where a forex affiliate program pays you a set fee for every trader that you bring in, regardless of their earnings. Read More »

Dissecting Cost per Value

Very few people really cover or talk about CPV as I guess there has always been negative connotations associated with it such as a spyware and pop up ads etc. But used correctly, and used well, you can generate an enormous amount of traffic to your campaigns for cents on the dollar. Read More »

CPA Marketing Types

A big part of your CPA plan should be how and where you are going to promote your offers, products and services. This is not an indepth article but an overview of the methods available to you. Read More »