Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Long Tail SEO: The Gold Mine of Forex Affiliate Marketing

When Internet markets become competitive, marketers end up focusing more on niches that are less competitive. On a broad scale, this trend is how the Internet has the effect of replacing big markets with lots of small markets. For the affiliate marketer utilizing search engine optimization, this makes the imperative to focus on keywords that are increasingly niche — increasingly ... Read More »

Keyword research in forex affiliate marketing

Keyword research forms an important aspect for any website. Right from the start, when used effectively, Keyword Research can help you from choosing the right domain name to writing articles that can pull traffic. More on using keyword research effectively for forex affiliates. Read More »

Choosing a Domain Name – An SEO Perspective

Choosing a domain name makes up for one of the fundamental elements into a good SEO strategy. Unfortunately, most webmasters tend to ignore this fact. Having a good domain name plays an integral part to your website’s SEO strategy and should be chosen based on your overall SEO goals. Read More »