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Can a forex affiliate offer rebates

One of the most frequently asked questions by forex affiliates is whether they can offer rebates to their forex traders under their existing forex affiliate model. This article compares the differences between a forex affiliate and a forex introducing broker model and how, if needed, forex affiliates can switch to an IB account and of course answering the question as well. Read More »

Choosing the right affiliate payment model for binary options

The binary options affiliate industry is quite different to that of the forex affiliate marketing industry. Thus, it is imperative that the principles that define and guide a webmaster promoting a forex brand vastly differs when it comes to promoting binary options. In this article we take a look at what commission plans would be best suited for affiliates promoting binary options. Read More »

Improving conversion rates in forex affiliate marketing

It takes a bit more than having a good website or content to enjoy high conversion rates. One aspect that is often given low priority is the conversion rate. Most forex webmasters spend a lot of time on other factors such as content and search engine rankings (which is good) but pay little attention to the conversions on their website. Read More »

Forex webmaster tools

Make your forex website more interactive and engaging, by using these high quality content, from quotes charts and other tools to help the traders to convert who visit your forex affiliate website. Read More »

The essential free wordpress plugins

Thanks to Wordpress it is now child's play to set up a website and install wordpress and get going. Amidst the content and seo and link building by installing the essential wordpress plugins you can be sure to make life more easier for you. Read More »

How to become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is an innovative method used to make money online. It is not a walk in the park, but it is possible for anyone to make money online without a product or service of their own. The first thing that you need to do to become an affiliate is to find a product or service that is already doing ... Read More »

Forex Affiliate – Getting Started

Prospects look for a review of a product that they would be interested in and if you have one that is unbiased and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the program, you will definitely have more sales than other affiliates. Read More »