Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Forex affiliate marketing – Shifting gears

The first question that comes to anyone's mind is, how do you target the traffic for forex traders if you are in a different industry all together. Well, there's no over-night miracles that would see you profit from switching to forex. As an affiliate you sure would know the hardwork it takes. Forex affiliate marketing, on a very high level isn't much different from any other industry in affiliate marketing. Read More »

Landing Pages for Affiliate Marketing and AdWords

If you asked different people, you'd probably get varied answers. The reason is that people use different types ofĂ‚ landing pages depending on what they are trying to achieve. Put most simply, the landing page is the web page that the prospect lands on when he/she first hits your site. Read More »

Free v.s Incentivized Promotions

ForexAffiliates Review, in it's experience has dabbled with forex affiliate programs that give away free money or bonus of incentives for forex traders to deposit and also tested the other option of using no free incentives. In our experiment, we noticed that the forex affiliate program which gave out free money attracted a lot of new registrations. Read More »

Choosing the right forex affiliate program

A quick search on Google about forex affiliate programs is enough proof of the number of forex trading companies setting up their affiliate program. Each forex affiliate program having their own set of promotions, trying to outdo the competition. But which forex affiliate program is best for you to promote? Read More »