Monday, February 17, 2020

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Optimizing your forex affiliate sites

One particular challenge facing most affiliates, especially for affiliates promoting forex goes something like this: you sign up at a forex affiliate program, put up some banners and links on existing affiliate sites you have, and then you wait and checking your stats, hoping for signups that never come. Read More »

Landing Pages for Forex Affiliates

As you would expect, your prospects want answers and results immediately (after all, don't you when you're searching?). Google will penalize you if your site takes a long time to load, as it lowers the "user experience". Now, don't react and find the fastest server with a 10Gbps connection which will cost you a small fortune, just spend some time on the design of your site. Read More »

Landing Page Design

Now, most of you may be thinking "I'm no designer and I haven't got time to learn all this stuff", and that's fine... because all I want you to do is to understand the principles behind it. And besides, there's a .zip file which accompanies at the end of this article series with a template designed for you Read More »

Dissecting Cost per Value

Very few people really cover or talk about CPV as I guess there has always been negative connotations associated with it such as a spyware and pop up ads etc. But used correctly, and used well, you can generate an enormous amount of traffic to your campaigns for cents on the dollar. Read More »

The essential free wordpress plugins

Thanks to Wordpress it is now child's play to set up a website and install wordpress and get going. Amidst the content and seo and link building by installing the essential wordpress plugins you can be sure to make life more easier for you. Read More »

CPA Marketing Types

A big part of your CPA plan should be how and where you are going to promote your offers, products and services. This is not an indepth article but an overview of the methods available to you. Read More »