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Making the case. Forex Affiliate Network v/s Forex Affiliate Programs

One question that comes to many affiliates/webmaster's mind is whether to join an affiliate network or to promote the brand/merchant directly. In this article, Making the case. Forex Affiliate Network v/s Forex Affiliate Programs, we present the pros and cons of joining an affiliate network and promoting a merchant directly in the forex and binary options affiliate niche. Read More »

Is it advisable to promote forex in the US

This legislation, refered to as the Dodd-Frank act has been making waves within the forex trading community. The Dodd-Frank act has been in the making for over a year.. The Dodd-Frank act makes it illegal for US residents to trade on forex or binary options brokers that are not regulated/licensed by CFTC or NFA. Read More »

Tips to receive your affiliate payments on time

Affiliate marketers work for money and it would be a pain to receive your affiliate payments only to either have your eWallet account frozen or if you have provided the wrong Bank WIRE information. In this article we deal with some tips affiliates can implement in order to receive their affiliate payments on time and keep their payment methods in good standing Read More »

Binary options affiliate programs – What you should know

Binary options affiliate programs are the latest fad in the affiliate marketing community, largely thanks to their high affiliate commission models. Despite the fact that it seems lucrative, if you intend to get into the binary options affiliate niche, then read this article before you start promoting binary options affiliate programs Read More »

Affiliate marketing best practices – Sub id tracking

Sub id tracking is one of the best ways to track various campaigns an affiliate might make use of. By using sub id tracking, affiliates can be able to easily identify what marketing campaigns works best for them and also helps to improve campaigns that do not bring results. Read this article as we explain how affiliates can use the sub id tracking option offered by various forex and binary options affiliate programs. Read More »

What to look for in a forex or binary options affiliate program

The growth of forex and binary options industry has been tremendous. The growth of affiliate programs in forex and binary options has increased on a relative note as well. With so many forex and binary options affiliate programs, how do affiliate go about choosing the right forex or binary options affiliate program? We explain in detail on what affiliates should look for before you start promoting a forex or a binary options broker Read More »

Choosing the right affiliate payment model for binary options

The binary options affiliate industry is quite different to that of the forex affiliate marketing industry. Thus, it is imperative that the principles that define and guide a webmaster promoting a forex brand vastly differs when it comes to promoting binary options. In this article we take a look at what commission plans would be best suited for affiliates promoting binary options. Read More »

Improving conversion rates in forex affiliate marketing

It takes a bit more than having a good website or content to enjoy high conversion rates. One aspect that is often given low priority is the conversion rate. Most forex webmasters spend a lot of time on other factors such as content and search engine rankings (which is good) but pay little attention to the conversions on their website. Read More »