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DirectTrack – Affiliate Marketing Platform

Regardless of the size of your company or the amount of activity flowing through your affiliate marketing system, DirectTrack offers the scalability, infrastructure, and reliability you need to grow your business. Designed for companies of all sizes, DirectTrack accurately traces billions of impressions per year. Read More »

Affiliate marketing best practices – Sub id tracking

Sub id tracking is one of the best ways to track various campaigns an affiliate might make use of. By using sub id tracking, affiliates can be able to easily identify what marketing campaigns works best for them and also helps to improve campaigns that do not bring results. Read this article as we explain how affiliates can use the sub id tracking option offered by various forex and binary options affiliate programs. Read More »

Landing pages for effective conversions

Ever wondered why your traffic wasn't converting much? Landing pages are the quintessential element in the lifecycle of process lead generation. While often used and utilized in PPC marketing, the potential of using landing pages is often undermined in affiliate marketing. Further to this not many affiliates link to an appropriate landing page either. This article takes into consideration the importance of using landing pages. Read More »

PPC for forex affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing using paid search engine marketing needs to be understood thoroughly or you will become quite frustrated with the process. Most individuals use first tier pay per click (PPC) search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. This article explains in-depth how to effectively use Google adwords for promoting forex products as an affiliate and talks about alternative methods to get past Google's strict policies. Read More »

Dissecting Cost per Value

Very few people really cover or talk about CPV as I guess there has always been negative connotations associated with it such as a spyware and pop up ads etc. But used correctly, and used well, you can generate an enormous amount of traffic to your campaigns for cents on the dollar. Read More »

CPA Marketing Types

A big part of your CPA plan should be how and where you are going to promote your offers, products and services. This is not an indepth article but an overview of the methods available to you. Read More »

Analyzing CPA

The truth about CPA is the fact that you will not profit from it straight away. Even the most seasoned professionals take a hit, and thereʼs nothing you can really do about it. This is because the market is ever changing, and itʼs all about testing and tracking, making changes, then testing and tracking some more until you find the ideal zone. Once you find the right combinations and the conversions are coming in, then you know youʼll be safe ramping and scaling up your campaigns. Read More »