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Making the case. Forex Affiliate Network v/s Forex Affiliate Programs

One question that comes to many affiliates/webmaster's mind is whether to join an affiliate network or to promote the brand/merchant directly. In this article, Making the case. Forex Affiliate Network v/s Forex Affiliate Programs, we present the pros and cons of joining an affiliate network and promoting a merchant directly in the forex and binary options affiliate niche. Read More »

Is it advisable to promote forex in the US

This legislation, refered to as the Dodd-Frank act has been making waves within the forex trading community. The Dodd-Frank act has been in the making for over a year.. The Dodd-Frank act makes it illegal for US residents to trade on forex or binary options brokers that are not regulated/licensed by CFTC or NFA. Read More »

eToro Affiliate Manager Interview

Forex affiliate manager interview with Michal, the affiliate manager for eToro partners, the leading affiliate program for the eToro forex trading broker. Read this detailed interview from eToro partners and see how can promote the eToro brand better. Read More »

Affiliate managers maketh the program

An affiliate manager is one of the key criteria that builds up to the success of the affiliate program. Even more so in a forex industry. If you have been promoting forex affiliate programs at some point in time you would have had some interactions with the respective affiliate managers of the forex affiliate programs that you promote. Read More »

Optimizing your forex affiliate sites

One particular challenge facing most affiliates, especially for affiliates promoting forex goes something like this: you sign up at a forex affiliate program, put up some banners and links on existing affiliate sites you have, and then you wait and checking your stats, hoping for signups that never come. Read More »

Forex webmaster tools

Make your forex website more interactive and engaging, by using these high quality content, from quotes charts and other tools to help the traders to convert who visit your forex affiliate website. Read More »